August 3, 2018

AUGUST 2018 ISSUE - Table of Contents

Enchanted Conversation Magazine
presents the
AUGUST 2018 Issue
This month, we're featuring eight original tales that will take you on a journey from Paris to Zimbabwe to Las Vegas, England, Japan, and islands in the Azores...and beyond.

How do you find the store that always has your heart's desire?
Can stage magic be any match to real magic and deals that are made?
When a witch wants payment for services rendered, can a father refuse her high price?
What happens when a sharp lad meets someone sharper?
Plus more tales to enjoy on a late summer's day!

Eventually, it will come out -
the thing his heart is calling for
that only the Artifactium can provide...
Rebecca Buchanan

The girl's happy childhood came to an end
when the muroyi declared, "As my payment,
I shall take the daughter- a life for a life...”
DJ Tyrer

Stage magic is smoke, mirrors, and sleight of hand,
but the little man showed up at 3am and offered
his deal- and I didn't see any other choice...
Robert Allen Lupton

The creature was waiting for him. It grinned at
the boy while its black eyes silently mocked him...
Kelly Evans

The story of a sharp lad 
who met someone sharper...
zteve t evans

Long ago, humans saw her as a goddess,
an intelligence watching over them.
She missed that...
Joanna Z. Weston

Sensible girls did not go out to the merfolk.
It wasn’t safe. Everyone knew that.
But Mai watched them and wondered...
J.S. Rogers

Others have tried to solve this mystery and failed-
You have 3 nights to discover my daughters’ secret...
Christina Ruth Johnson

to the written works in this issue belong to the individual authors.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Amanda Bergloff   CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Kiyomi Appleton Gaines - William Gilmer - A.M. Offenwanger  VISUAL ARTS EDITOR Craig Gassen  COVER LAYOUTS Amanda Bergloff


Guy S. Ricketts said...

I read and enjoyed each and every one of these eight stories contained within, annnnnnnnd the beautiful artwork that accompanied each.

Unknown said...

I recently discovered Enchanted Conversation and am so glad i did! Thank you for publishing beautiful stories.