July 1, 2018

FAIRY TALE FLASH - The Dragon's Lair by Jeff A. Harbrow

It's not plunder, 
it's my life's work...

The sun crested the mountains and sprayed its golden hue into the woodlands that covered the foothills. Kator's crimson scales caused blood-red flashes to dance across the rock formations as it circled above the entrance to its lair. The Knight with his armour shined approached the mouth of the cave.

"Foul beast, I've come to slay you and rid you of your plunder."

The ground shook as the dragon landed above the cave mouth. Its claws dug deep into the soil. Heat emanated from its body. Kator lowered its head to be level with the Knight.

"It's not plunder, it's my life's work." The words appeared in the Knight’s mind although Kator didn't seem to speak.

"Silence beast, I shall have your head!" the Knight drew his sword and held it high before bringing it down hard against Kator's neck. The blade bounced off the scales as if he had just struck stone, and it fell to the floor.

"Leave me human, I do not wish you harm. I worked for my gold just as you have yours."

The Knight scrambled for his sword, with it in hand again he tried another strike and achieved the same result, quickly he retrieved his blade, sheathed it and yelled.

"Foul Beast I'll return and I'll slay you for all your worth!"

Kator lifted his head from the pillow of golden coins. The inner cave was dark, but the entrance was alight with the afternoon sun. Reflections of gold, silver and jewels of all kinds showered the darkness in speckled colors. He listened to the sound of footsteps grow closer until it was accompanied with heavy breathing and eventually an obnoxious voice.

"I have returned beast. Come to rid the townsfolk of your torment and shower them with the riches you stole."

"Please Shining Knight, I do not wish to fight. I told you last time, I earned my wealth honestly."

"Enough of your lies! The townsfolk will sing my name, for slaying you Dragon!"

"The townsfolk will hang you for killing the head of their merchant guild! I tell you now Knight, leave here or else."

The Knight charged into the cavern swinging his sword.

"Very well then." Kator burst into flight gold coins exploding into the air. In a rush of heat, it was out of the cavern and down to the road. The Knight ran out chasing after him. Kator was quick as he fetched the town guard. They marched up the road, Kator above them.

"Halt Knight! You are commanded to stand down in the name of the king. You are under arrest for assault and trespassing."
Jeff A. Harbrow is an Australian writer from the New South Wales South Coast. His work has been published in Haiku Journal and his chapbook of poems Surrounded was released through Ginninderra Press in 2017.
Follow him on Twitter: @jeffah92
and on Instagram @jeffah92

Cover: Amanda Bergloff @AmandaBergloff

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Unknown said...

Very fun! I enjoyed the twist on gold-hoarding.

Guy S. Ricketts said...

Loved this! Love the fun twist in perspectives and take from the character normally viewed as the bad guy. This was a fun, amusing read. Wonderful flash writing, Jeff!

JeffAH said...

Thanks Deby, I'm glad you enjoyed my story

JeffAH said...

Thanks again Guy 🙂

Unknown said...

I enjoy reading a tale about a 'good' dragon. I usually don't enjoy stories about killing beasts.

JeffAH said...

Thanks Clarissa, I'm glad you enjoyed the story

SHOBANA said...

Enjoyed reading! Awesome imagination!