June 17, 2018

FAIRY TALE FLASH - A Brother's View by Becca Miller

He shoved his way through the crowd, but another was there first...
In the crush of dancers, he barely saw her as she entered the room. Yet, there was something about her that immediately drew him to her. Was it her beauty? She was very nearly the most beautiful woman in the room, with her perfect blonde curls and bright blue eyes. The air of magic that hung around her? Whatever it was, he knew that he had to meet the mysterious woman and take her into his arms. Who was she? He really did not care. He lived for the moment and wanted to dance.

He shoved his way through the crowd, almost at her side. Horror! Another there first. A growl of frustration. His brother? Of course. For the crown prince must always be first. And he forever second. He sulked in the corner. Pouting. Angry. Dejected. Someone joined him. He glanced over to see Lady Alyssa Davenport. She had been his brother’s favorite. She must also be feeling the rejection.

“It’s Ella,” Alyssa spat. He looked to where his brother and the mysterious girl were dancing. Ella. Alyssa’s beautiful, perfect step-sister. Always doing good. Always helping others. Revered for her compassion. And always avoiding society. He was surprised to see her here.

“The Council of Fairy-Godmothers has decided to reward her for her perfectness. They made her alluring and irresistible for the evening. Of course, they appeared while she was supposed to be helping me dress. I was forced to finish dressing by myself. It is unfair,” Alyssa whined. Normally, he would be annoyed by her complaints, but tonight he found himself commiserating. How tiresome to have the perfect sibling.

“At least,” Alyssa concluded, “she is leaving early. She has to feed orphans tomorrow or some such nonsense.”

Devastating! He would not dance with the perfect Ella, for his brother would monopolize her until she left. Maybe, he thought, this evening was not a complete waste. He could take his brother’s first choice. Certainly, tomorrow Ella’s allure would have worn off and Alyssa would once more be preferred. But he could win her first.

“Dance with me,” he said to her. It was a request, not a command. Though he always could command. He was a prince, even if just a second born.

“With you?” Alyssa snorted. “I want the best, and that is your brother. Not you.” She walked away, leaving him alone. Soon enough, Ella left his brother alone. But his brother was not dismayed.

“You know it was only Ella,” he informed his brother the next morning. The crown prince smiled and replied he already knew. Ella had told him.

A few short months later, the second born prince found himself sulking at yet another ball, this one a wedding. Alyssa joined him. Again. Only now, she smiled sweetly at him, asking him to dance.

“I only want the best, Alyssa. That is not you,” he replied, staring at the beautiful Ella, in all her perfectness. Now Crown Princess.

Becca Miller loves reading, coffee, fairy tales, writing, cats, and both rainy days and sunshine. She is thrilled when she can combine those loves in any form.

Cover: Amanda Bergloff

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AMOffenwanger said...

Interesting idea! I'd never thought of this particular prince having a brother.

Enchanted Conversation said...

I agree. That's why I was drawn to this story. I don't see many tales told from the male point of view very often.

Unknown said...

I appreciate the alternative perspective in this story and love the flip at the end.