June 1, 2018

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM - June 2018 Issue - Table of Contents

Enchanted Conversation Magazine
our June 2018 Summer Issue:
A Midsummer
Night's Dream
In this issue, EC features stories that use the magic of summer and summer nights as the backdrop to the nine tales below. Here, you'll find some traditional fairy tales and re-tellings of folktales and myths, along with some modern stories that evoke the feeling of warm days under the sun and cool nights under the stars.

Where does a Sound Seeker find words thought lost forever?
Why should one never eat Ladybug cakes, even if they're dripping in delectable icing?
How can the Monarch of the Rains transform himself into something a princess can love?
When a goddess decides to go home, who can stop her?
And how can catching a golden bird be the key to a kingdom?
...plus more stories to enjoy on an afternoon when the sky is an endless blue and summer stretches beyond the horizon.

The EC Team would also like to thank everyone who stops by and reads Enchanted Conversation Magazine. We hope you enjoy this issue and share your thoughts in the comments sections of the various stories. We’d love to hear from you!
- Amanda, Kiyomi, William, Angelika, and Craig
I will not follow the whims of some mortal.
I will not be caught...
Maya Levine

The best time for catching fairies is at dawn...
Alexander Zalben

You will not keep me from my home, 
my throne, or my husband...
Connor Sassmannshausen

He began to untwist the sound,
gently so its strands wouldn't break...
Heather Newton

She sang a song of love so sweet,
the butterflies stopped to listen...
Amanda Bergloff

Never eat a ladybug cake...
Loie Dunn

Perhaps the roar of the waves 
would make her feel close to him...
Phoebe Cramer

The girl never treated him like a monster...
Juliana Amir

Father had a beautiful cage built for me, 
bronzed like my skin...
Katherine Herron

ALL COPYRIGHT to the written works in this issue belong to the individual authors.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Amanda Bergloff   CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Kiyomi Appleton Gaines - William Gilmer - A.M. Offenwanger  VISUAL ARTS EDITOR Craig Gassen  COVER LAYOUTS Amanda Bergloff


Guy S. Ricketts said...

I read this entire issue, and thoroughly enjoyed every story each author contributed to it. The only negative I can think of, is that now I have to wait seemingly forever until the next issue! 😉
Thank you for expanding my horizons, and allowing me to see things I never would have been able to otherwise.

Enchanted Conversation said...

We're so happy you enjoyed the issue, Guy. The authors in this issue rocked! We really appreciate you reading the issue and commenting.