April 1, 2018

TALES AND TAILS - April 2018 ISSUE - Table of Contents

Enchanted Conversation Magazine
presents our
Spring April 2018 Issue:
Tales and Tails
What happens to a fox spirit who loses herself in the guise of a human? How can a lowly tortoise discover the name of a Hippo-King? Can magic meant to trap a girl in a deer's form actually free her? Will a faithful owl calm the anger of a goddess? And what kind of contract does a unicorn sign with Godmother's Human Relations Firm?...and more stories that feature animals by authors from around the world.

The EC Team would also like to thank everyone who stops by and reads Enchanted Conversation Magazine. We hope you enjoy this issue and share your thoughts in the comments sections of the various stories. We’d love to hear from you!
- Amanda, Kiyomi, William, Angelika, and Craig
Beauty walks through the tall grass.
Alexandra Faye Carcich

Not one of you knows my name.
C.L. Clickard

She had never known freedom like this.
Clodagh O Connor

Those pickles must be of some importance.
Steve Carr

I feel no remorse for Arachne's fall.
Sandra Ulbrich Almazan

Red stone, blood stone,
Round and smooth and cold stone
A.M. Offenwanger

Damaged in mind and wing,
they come to me.
Mary Cook

Memories of broad white wings,
unfolded and spread.
Jane Dougherty

Myth is the strange bedfellow of Belief.
William Gilmer

Here, take my scarlet cloak.
Sheena Power
ALL COPYRIGHT to the written works in this issue belong to the individual authors.
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Amanda Bergloff   CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Kiyomi Appleton Gaines - William Gilmer - A.M. Offenwanger  VISUAL ARTS EDITOR Craig Gassen  COVER LAYOUTS Amanda Bergloff

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