January 31, 2018

Un rêve d'amour: A Dream of Love - February 2018 - Table of Contents

Enchanted Conversation Magazine
our February Issue:
Un rêve d'amour:
A Dream of Love
Love can be magical or tragic, star-crossed or end happily ever after--an unrequited love for another or two souls that are meant to be.

In this issue, we asked writers to explore the different aspects of love through stories, poems, and for the first time in the magazine, an illustrated tale in digital format.

How do you search for a love who does not want to be found? Can the secrets of a mountain draw lovers together? Does Hades look different when seen through Persephone's eyes? Can you find a knight ready to champion your cause, speeding through the desert with the lights of Vegas in the distance? Is a rainstorm at midnight or a snowfall at dawn the gift the sky gives when it falls in love? Should love hold one captive from its true being?...and more tales and poems on the intangible, glorious, frustrating, beautiful idea of the dream that is love.

The EC Team would also like to thank everyone who stops by and reads Enchanted Conversation Magazine. We hope you enjoy this issue and share your thoughts in the comments sections of the various stories. We’d love to hear from you!
- Amanda, Kate, Kiyomi, William, Angelika, and Craig
In the briny twilight, a storm gathers.
Sabrina N. Balmick

You made my quest yours.
Gerri Leen

She approached him not with fear,
but innocent boldness.
Margery Bayne

He'd known that something
waited there for him.
Deborah Davitt

Though the sky moved through
the universe, it couldn't stop fate.
Marta Pelrine-Bacon

He comes from a world of fire.
Salina Trevino

His heart he opened freely,
the day his eyes gazed upon her.
Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi

To every problem, there is a solution.
Beverly Alice Black

She built a world that floated in the sky.
L. Long

He feared he would never fall in love.
Laura Diaz de Arce

He shifted tides and tipped the earth
and broke the sky-wide silence.
Kurt Newton

No princes for you, then, my beauty.
Christine Hanolsy

The flowers that bloom in prominence
discover their radiance.
Shobana Gomes

ALL COPYRIGHT to the written works in this issue belong to the individual authors.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Amanda Bergloff   CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Kiyomi Appleton Gaines - William Gilmer - A.M. Offenwanger  VISUAL ARTS EDITOR Craig Gassen  COVER LAYOUTS Amanda Bergloff

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