January 31, 2018

Goddess of Song - Shobana Gomes

The flowers that bloom in prominence
discover their radiance...

It is the exquisite enchantment of finding love in the most unlikely of places.

Sometimes its presence whispered by the leaves
that stand on sturdy trees on a vast sheer bed of green,
so green that it gives the tired eye the refreshing look it so deserves.
The sunlight that catches the tiny speck of glint in her eye
makes sure that it also gives it a surreal look.

She embraces its dignity with warm stunning stares,
the contours of which indulge in shining love.

She sits high on the hammock tied to a tree,
and as she swings sideways singing to the birds that keep her company
her words are carried far by the light gentle breeze.

Her voice that magnify clarity taking the half hidden deer
standing between the bushes by surprise and looking up in awe
and possibly saying that it is a call from the Goddess of Songs.

The blue of the hills in the distant somewhere collide
with drifting clouds that swiftly passes it by,
and the wistfulness of the valleys that lay below in a shrouded mist
hear the sound of an angel somewhere far between them.
They echo in resonance in sweet nostalgic reverence.

This Goddess of Song speaks to man and beast alike.
Even nature stands in testimony to her coveted embrace,
just as the butterflies and the bees feed on the nectar of their love,
the flowers that bloom in prominence discover their radiance

As the sun disappears blending into those hills another time,
the song of Goddess becomes a distant song.
The spectacular display of a myriad of colors
that stream through the sky await the night sky,
just as the stars await to flaunt their presentation.

There she goes the Goddess of Song
to quiet the embrace of the night
to return when daybreak consumes her mind
and bring soul to a waiting world once more.

Shobana Gomes writes poetry and stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

Cover by Amanda Bergloff


SHOBANA said...

Thank you very much for uploading my poem. Just as it was a pleasure writing it, I am thrilled that it found a place in your magazine. Best wishes for the New Year.

SHOBANA said...

Here's something for you! Thank you to the editors, staff, team and writers, plus all the talented individuals that is part of EM. Love you guys!!

I believe you and I share the same love,

One of surrealism, mysticism and endless dreams

It creates magic within our being

One, we want to share with the whole universe.

The passion, the resonance, the tireless adulation

The charged atmosphere, the quiet pleasure

We believe in showing the world

That simply, we are champions of a soulful world.