December 22, 2017

A Million Thanks

Hi Everyone:

Amanda and I are proud to announce that Enchanted Conversation has hit one million page views as of today. It’s true that EC’s first location had hundreds of thousands of views, so technically, the publication hit a million some time ago, but I think of the address as the real Enchanted Conversation.

In a time when many online publications get millions of page views a day, a million over a number of years may seem like small potatoes, but EC has always been a niche site. We don’t advertise, and the world of new fairy tales may seem big, but the world of webzine publishing of new fairy tales is tiny. People have always had to search us out, so word of mouth is pretty much what we have had to rely on. Our social media game is improving thanks to Amanda, but I don’t foresee any “influencer” deals coming our way anytime soon.

Thank you so much for your readership, your financial support, your wonderful stories and poems. Enchanted Conversation is truly a group effort. We hope you’ll love EC even more under Amanda’s leadership in a week or so. I feel certain you will.

As for me, as I’ve said, I’ll still be around, and I hope you’ll visit Cinderella’s Hearth, which will be dedicated to the proposition that everyone’s life needs a pair of glass slippers! 

Thanks a million, to all of you!