November 24, 2017

Changes at Enchanted Conversation, By Kate Wolford

I’m not precisely sure how long ago I started Enchanted Conversation at I do know we’ve been at the current EC site for about seven years. 

Before that, there was for a couple of years. And before that was for a year or two. It’s safe to say that I’ve been in the online fairy tale business for around 10 years.

I’ve enjoyed the time at EC immensely. Seeing wonderful writers reimagine the world of fairy tales and fae has been one of the greatest rewards of my professional life. I’ve seen new authors flourish, seen tired old tales made thrillingly new, and I’ve positively wallowed in the joy of finding exquisite art for posts on the site.

Since Amanda Bergloff came along this year, the site has been reinvigorated. She’s brought custom art, fresh ideas, and terrific editing skills to Enchanted Conversation. In fact, in the last few months, Amanda has been doing most of the work at EC.

It dawned on me halfway through the Fundrazr Campaign (thanks again to all who gave!), that I was fully ready for something new. In truth, I’ve almost shuttered EC twice before, but couldn’t face doing it. I’ve put too much time, money, and effort into it. But I also had to face the fact that I want to do something else, and have wanted to for a long time. That “something else” will be called Cinderella’s Hearth.

Because I can’t get the new site off the ground and be Editor and Publisher of EC, Amanda will take over both roles starting January 1. It will be her site. I will remain as Founder and Contributing Editor. I’m not going away!

All money raised in the campaign will be used as promised. I really didn’t decide to make this change until midway through the campaign. I literally woke up one day and realized that I was going to do the new site. Period. I was positive about the decision and haven’t wavered from it at all.

Here are some other things you might like to know:

Amanda will be letting you know about her vision for EC sometime soon.

The money raised stays with EC. Not one cent goes to the new site. Or anywhere else.

I’ll be writing a monthly column at EC.

EC will definitely remain a paying market for writers and poets.

Cinderella’s Hearth will focus on fairy godmothering people’s everyday lives, practicing mindfulness, and providing motivation to help people realize their goals. While the site will largely focus on practical advice, references to fairy tales and folklore will be sprinkled throughout the the site, and, through podcasts, visitors can enjoy listening to classic fairy tales.

Why life and mindfulness and fairy tales? First, people often come to me for advice. This has been true since my childhood. I must have a face that says, “Go ahead and ask me for help.” Teaching only enhanced this trait. Second, mindfulness meditation has radically altered my life—so much so that I’m in the process of being certified as a meditation coach. Last, I’m pretty good at getting people motivated. If you’re down in the dumps, I’ll do my best to get you out and back into forward momentum. I don’t lie when I motivate people, but I can usually help people see what’s brilliant and beautiful inside themselves. As for fairy tale podcasts, well, I still love fairy tales. That’s all.

I’ll be posting a help wanted announcement for CH soon. Until then, I hope you’ll all be as excited by these changes as I am.


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Lissa Sloan said...

I look forward to hearing more about both sites! I am glad both that you are not going far, Kate, and that EC will be in Amanda's very capable hands:)