October 16, 2017

A Tale Told in Four Voices by Rebecca Buchanan

Reality is different when seen from four distinct viewpoints...
The King
Not too old.
Smart, but not clever.

No, a clever son-in-law
is never a good thing.

Ambitious, too,
but not so much 
that I should worry for my crown.

Yes, I believe that he shall do.

I shall keep my promise —
this time.

The Princess
His nose is oddly-shaped
and he talks while he eats.

And he never stops talking.
Magical flower?
It’s all absurd.
Pathetic almost,
like a knight exaggerating the size of the dragon.

And he’s no knight.
Not even a baronet, or a baron.
Money, yes, plenty of that,
but it does nothing to disguise his commonness.

He’s still talking.

But father did promise.

And he did save my life,
or so he says.

Perhaps I can come to appreciate him.


The Godson
The shack with the leaky door
and rags for shoes
and a belly so hollow
that I could swallow the sea
with all its fishes
and still be hungry.

That was many years ago —
before Godfather claimed me.

Boots now
of softest fur and leather
and silken shirts
and pheasant and boar and wine,
so much that I almost forget
that pit in my belly.


Save her, as you did me,
the King says.

It is not a request.

I could have said no.
Godfather did warn me
not to deceive him again.

But she is beautiful
and the palace is warm
and the food is rich.

When it is done,
she smiles at me
and that void 
beneath my heart
is filled.

The Godfather
I am not cruel.
I never tell a lie.
And I always keep my promises.

Rebecca Buchanan is the editor of the Pagan literary ezine, Eternal Haunted Summer. She has been previously published, or has work forthcoming, in Bards and Sages Quarterly, Cliterature, Enchanted Conversation, Eye to the Telescope, Faerie Magazine, Gingerbread House, Silver Blade, Star*Line, and other venues.

Poem ART by: Amanda Bergloff

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Lissa Sloan said...

A satisfying end to an amazing issue!