June 28, 2017

Hide, By Lissa Sloan

Every girl wants to be chaste
Or is it chased?
Either way, I ran from you
Taking only what I could carry in a nutshell

I thought I knew about men
With their twinkling eyes
Protective arms
And strong shoulders for riding on

But I was a child
I did not know

About chins rough with stubble
Eager hands
And ardent whispers, hot in my ear

I suppose you only want what’s underneath 
To get to the meat of it
Of me

So I ran 
I ran from you and I hid
So deep within
So deep beneath
Ermine and hare and mink
Fox and bear and wolf
Sun and moon and stars
Cloaked in a garment so impossible
Not even you will know me

Waiting, watching, I curl around my secrets
Crouched in a hollow
Under the stairs
Outside your door

Where the sound of your boot
The touch of your hand
The scent of your skin
Whisper in my blood
That you are not the man I thought

Would you be the one
To look beneath the furs and dirt 
the glitter and gold 
the skin and bone
And get to the heart of the matter?

And what would I find
Hidden inside your layers
Of courtly manners
And animal instinct
If I only dared to look?

They say the way to a man’s heart
Is through his stomach
And I know what you like

The secret ingredient is love
Or salt
Or a circle of gold
Buried treasure in a spoon

Do you know me now?

If you’re bold enough to uncover me
Golden hair and rough skin and everything underneath
To see me as I am

Then I will claim my prize

Lissa Sloan's poems and short stories are published in Enchanted ConversationNiteblade Magazine, Krampusnacht: Twelve Nights of Krampus, and Frozen Fairy Tales.  “Death in Winter,” Lissa's contribution to Frozen Fairy Tales, has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  Visit her online at her website, lissasloan.com, or on twitter: @LissaSloan.

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Lissa Sloan said...

Amanda, thank you for providing this gorgeous image! I love it!