April 30, 2017

The Diamond Princess, Cara McKee

Tell me, fair bride, of all your life
and all that did betide you,
I love to hear your gentle voice
and be the one beside you.

The Princess sadly bowed her head,
she held her tongue and power,
it was not her the fine Prince loved
but her diamonds and flowers.

She had been lost and all alone
since she’d run from her mother
but had not taken that great risk
for the greed of another.

Now speak, dear wife, of all that’s good,
of things best not forgotten.
But goodness lay within her heart,
her Prince’s heart was rotten.

So sadly then the Princess stood
and reached her hand out sweetly:
My voice is just for you, husband,
I gift to you completely.

She led him then unto their bed
and sprinkled it with flowers,
she whispered diamonds in his ear,
she whispered them for hours.

The sunrise painted diamonds red
heaped up beside the Princess
who went to sleep with petaled lips
and prayers for God’s forgiveness.

And underneath the diamonds there
the Prince forever slept.
He could not breathe the shining jewels
his wife’s sad whispers wept.

Born in Yorkshire, Cara L McKee now lives in Largs on the West Coast of Scotland with her young family and two kittens. She has recently had poems published in Product Magazine, Peacock Journal, and 404 Ink. She writes a column for Scotland 4 Kids and blogs at caralmckee.blogspot.co.uk. Cara loves reading (currently Beauty by Robin McKinley), is working on a modern retelling of the Tam Linn fairy tale. She wishes she was better at drawing.

Art by Amanda Bergloff.


Cara L McKee said...

Oh my word, that is such amazing artwork. Thank you Amanda! Delighted to be in Enchanted Conversation.

Angie said...

Beautiful, surprising poem.

Lissa Sloan said...


Debby Zigenis-Lowery said...

That was lovely, and what a delightful twist!