April 30, 2017

Diamonds and Toads, Table of Contents

Here are the eight enchanting works that make the "Diamonds and Toads Issue" of Enchanted Conversation. I really enjoyed these works because all of them explore the emotions and difficulties that result from the fairy "gifts" the two sisters find bestowed upon them.

I hope you've noticed the artwork Contributing Editor Amanda Bergloff created for this issue. One of Amanda's many talents is creating digital art. So, what began with her creating one or two pieces for this issue ended in her creating all of them. I love the results, and hope that you do too.


Table of Contents:
Carina Bissett

Aliza Faber

Penny Jo McAllister

The Diamond Princess
Cara McKee

Gerri Leen

Priya Sridhar

E.J. Hagadorn

Lorraine Schein


:) said...

Wow these images could make for compelling book covers! Way to go, Amanda!


Kate said...

She did great!

Andy Scott said...

I've never been more thankful to Duotrope for bringing a website to my attention! The stories are beautiful and Amanda made a beautiful cover for them.

Gypsy Thornton said...

Great issue Kate & Amanda! I only wished it were longer. ;)

Guy S. Ricketts said...

Each story and poem is outstanding in its own right, and Amanda provided beautiful art to fit each. This is one terrific issue!