April 30, 2017

All That Glitters, EJ Hagadorn

I never knew what deal I made
When her lips touched the water,
But she knew a little girl would only see innocence.
That’s why her kind only talk to children.
Ever since that day, whenever I speak,
My voice is strangled
Into flowers, gems, and pearls.
Silence for wealth: that is the price I pay for my kindness.
I’m sure he loved the idea, taking a rich, mute queen.
But how could he fathom the misery of it,
To never sing to my baby?
To listen to the world, and all its words,
Truth-revealing, pain-soothing, love-beguiling,
And never to answer in kind?
My sister choked on her words, but I hold mine down.
He begs for more, drunk against the door,
But not even a starving kingdom will open my mouth.
My only words now are echoed in my silence: “I refuse.”
Never believe what they say.
Silence is not golden;
Words are.

E.J. Hagadorn is an independent author of fiction and poetry, whose works include "Sing A Song Of Yellowstone" and the award-winning "Spring-Heel'd Jack."  When not writing, he can occasionally be seen traversing mountains, lurking in graveyards, or sleeping at his desk.

Art by Amanda Bergloff.


Unknown said...

"That's why her kind only talk to children." Bravo. Powerful, as is the ending.

Lissa Sloan said...

Perceptive and moving! I love this!