June 2, 2016

Eastern Influence: Warwick Goble, Illustrator

Warwick Goble, once a celebrated fairy tale illustrator, was famous for the Eastern influences evident in his work. He's not as famous as some of his contemporaries, like Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac, but he still has plenty of fans in the 21st Century.

Goble's work had a style that was both drenched and sheer, thanks to his use of water colors. His blues and greens are so lovely, you may want to paint your walls in the same colors. And Goble's way of juxtaposing sharply drawn figures in the foreground with softer, mistier backgrounds, is especially pleasing to the eye.

An Englishman, Goble flourished in the Golden Age of Illustration, which was from the 1880's through the 1920's. This Golden Age was especially important for fairy tale illustration, and Goble did not disappoint when illustrating stories of enchantment. 

He remains famous for illustrating The Water Babies as well as editions of Japanese and Indian fairy tale collections. To learn more about Goble's work, look here: http://bit.ly/1TPhfNU

Goble's art is all over the Internet. Below are illustrations from the following stories, in order: "Snow White," "The Goblin Market," "Moon Maiden," and "India (I think)." Also, "The Water Babies."


JShelby said...

Wonderful work! Watercolors can make such dream-like images.

Kate said...

I know. His work is really dreamy, very fae.

Cheryl said...

Thank you so much for introducing beautiful artists and fairy tale websites. I learn from your posts and my appetite is always whet for more! In Goble's Moon Maiden the ultra soft presentation of the peacock plumage is ideally suggestive of feathery softness and flutter.

Kate said...

I really believe that you can't succeed with a fairy tale site without tons of art. I think 50 percent of the traffic is for art.
Thanks for your kind words!

Lissa Sloan said...