May 18, 2016

Ida Outhwaite, Classic Fairy Illustrator

Ida Outhwaite, an Australian whose work flourished during the Golden Age of Illustration, is well remembered for her work with fae and children. Her images managed to capture the sense of childhood and fae without being too sweet. And her color palette was rich and pleasing to the eye. I'm surprised she isn't more well known, even though much of her work is nearly 100 years old.

You can read more about here here:

And here:

Her work is also plentiful on Pinterest. 

Some images:


Cheryl said...

Thank you for introducing me to Ida Outhwaite’s work. I have been enamored of fairies for as long as I can recall. My Aunt, who was indeed my Fairy Godmother, shared her passion for them with me when I was very young. Cicely Mary Barker was a favorite. On one of the links you provided, I was interested to read that Ida Outhwaite’s sister Annie often wrote stories around Ida’s pictures rather than the other way around. I often find images helpful as prompts for stories and poems.

Kate said...

That's a wonderful use for art, as a prompt for other creation. I'm interested in trying to get a couple of Outhwaite books.