February 13, 2016

Pygmalion and Galatea, By Ace G. Pilkington, EC Valentine Issue

Konstantin Makovsky

Note: Venus, Roman goddess of Love and mother of Cupid, answered Pygmalion's unspoken prayer and brought his statue to life.

Breathless precision of stone melts to the bliss of flesh;

The sculptor's rapture creates a lover's discovery,

While the slow sweep of his hand keeps in its singleness

Both blade that cuts away and smoothing gentleness.

Almost his touch is a search for dust of ivory;

Almost her jumping pulse is his workshop's purpose.

But the moth-soft mimicry of internal passageways

Is incomplete. The summer-sweet susurrus at her mouth,

Though sent by Venus, is a tremble of wordlessness,

Their alabaster couplings her sole success.

He will turn philosopher when he learns her selflessness.

Ace G. Pilkington has published over one hundred poems, articles, reviews, and short stories in five countries. He is co-editor (with Matthew Wilhelm Kapell) of The Fantastic Made Visible, and co-editor (with his wife, Olga) of Fairy Tales of the Russians and Other Slavs.


Lissa Sloan said...

Beautiful language!

Jaime said...

Such a vivid, emotional interpretation-beautiful!