February 13, 2016

EC Valentine Issue Table of Contents

It is the loveliest of pleasures to present the EC Valentine Issue. In it, you will find true love, twisted love, magical love, and even a wonderful cat. One of the stories was good enough to get paste my hatred of love triangles! I'm so proud of these authors.

Here are the works. Just click on the title to read them. And please comment! It means so much to creators, and to me.

"The Bird Marriage," Elizabeth Twist

"Queen's Requiem," E.J. Hagadorn

"Pygmalion and Galatea," Ace G. Pilkington

"The Prince and the Cat," Enid Kassner

"I Give You My Heart," Gerri Leen

"The Heartless Haberdasher," C.Z. Wright


Lissa Sloan said...

It's great to see a new issue on EC!

Enchanted Conversation said...

Loved this issue, EC! Beautiful, lyrical, and an inspiration for the idea of "love" in its many forms.

Kate said...

I'm so glad you liked it. I had great submissions to choose from. I wish I'd had more money to use more submissions!