June 11, 2014

Fairy Tale Meal

Every so often, I write a post asking EC's friends what they would eat for a fairy tale meal. Which tale would inspire you? What would the meal consist of? Why?

Use your imagination. Tell us the delicious details.

Mine? I think it's a delicious array of nibbles of the kind one might find at the ball where Cinderella dances. Imagine cheeses, canap├ęs, gleaming fruit, luscious chocolates, wafer thin slices of ham, all washed down with delicious, sparkling liquids that have a magical taste.

For your inspiration:

    "Cinderella," by Harry Clarke. Bet she's hungry!


  1. A good question; it's not a feast, but I'd probably eat a dinner from "The White Dove" or the gingerbread house from "Hansel and Gretel." That tale is about how the titular bird saves a girl when she's lost in the woods, by giving her keys to various doors in the trees. One tree has milk and bread, which is warm enough to fill her up and give her some cheer. It's a simple meal, but it allows her to calm down after a traumatic ordeal.

  2. What a fun thought! If I were to host a faery banquet, I would hold it in a great hall made cozy by several fireplaces, and a silk hand-knotted rug covered with many cushions so my guests could recline and enjoy their meals with ease.

    I would begin the festivities by serving wee rock crystal goblets of honey wine with strawberry cakes, each no bigger than a bite or two, frosted with the yellow dust from butterfly wings and topped with sugared rose petals. Yes, I'd serve dessert first.

    Next, servants would carry in many rowan wood trays: a pyramid of roasted capons stuffed with herbs, lark pies, gratins of creamed mushrooms, mustard-spiced fish pies with crisp golden crusts, bubbling crocks of rabbit stew topped with dumplings, deep pots of bitter sorrel soup, and finally, bowls of ripe berries that dripped with fresh deer milk. Silk pillows would be passed so my guests could have a nap at the end.

    Oh yes, and I wouldn't forget to invite any high-ranking, influential faeries who might also be ill-tempered party-crashers.

  3. If you're eating at Cinderella's ball, don't forget the oranges. They're what Cinderella feeds her stepsisters while there, although they don't realize it's her...

  4. I would go to Kathy's banquet, my mouth is watering at the thought!

    But in the real world I have different tastes ;) Right now I'd love nothing more than a walk through the woods with a picnic hamper filled with fruits, salads and elderflower cordial. And if I wasn't highly allergic to gluten I'd go in for some freshly baked bread too!

    Bliss...providing no wolves interrupt me of course.

  5. A picnic sounds like a splendid idea! Where does one procure elderflower cordial? Do you have a recipe?

  6. I love food and cooking, so someday I may have to do a feature on my blog combining food and stories. I think I'll call it "Feast or Fable". What do you think?

    Anyway, there are a few different choices I might make. Roast goose always sounds very "fairy tale-ish". I also wouldn't mind having some pancakes with Hansel and Gretel (according to Andrew Lang, that's what the witch served them). I wouldn't mind sharing some millet dumplings with Momotaro's little band (or sampling that giant peach). And who wouldn't want to try the sweet porridge from "The Sweet Porridge" (there certainly was enough of it). Also, if all else fails, I'll just use the "table-be-set".

  7. Because I love fairy tales and classic English literature, I think I'd have to have cucumber sandwiches, tea and crumpets. I don't know what the sandwiches and crumpets taste like but I'm game to try it.

  8. Fresh bread & milk from a cow that eats well, still warm.

  9. Being a big fan of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," I'd go to the Chocolate Room in Wonka's factory and start off with some non-melting ice cream. I'd follow up with some candy balloons, as well as a stick of chewing gum meal. (After Wonka's worked out the blueberry kinks, of course.) I'd wash it all down with a cup of chocolate from the chocolate river!

  10. For my fairytale meal, I envision a sort of medieval type meal. I’ve always pictured fairytales with the knight in shining armor, and so at the end of a long battle, I picture the King and Queen rewarding him with a big party with foods such as; chicken and soup and other foods that are all eaten with their hands. It would be just a big gathering to acknowledge the knights win and congratulating him with a marriage to their daughter. Although it does not truly make sense that royalty would be eating without silverware, and it would be sort of barbaric, but fairytales instantly make me think of the medieval era. In middle school, we took a field trip to Medieval Times, where the knights had a jousting battle and there was always princess at the end, who was introduced by the queen and king. This is mainly the reason why I picture this meal and I think it would be fun to reenact something like this.

    Taylor B.

  11. I like the thought of what a fairy tale feast would look like. I wander what kings and queens fed the princes that came to woo their daughter? I imagine there was some sort meat; if I were the prince visiting a nice sized portion of beef would be nice. Also, some mashed potatoes with fresh garden vegetables would also hit the spot. For dessert some sort of pie would be nice especially if it were pumpkin. I am sure we would consume some adult beverages as well. I also wander how the conversation went around the dinner table. Did the king have tough questions for the visiting prince concerning his daughter? After dinner was finished, did the king sit at the table sharpening his sword while the prince nervously watched? As long as the food was great I am sure the princes could put up with a lot from his future in-laws.
    -Brad S.-

  12. You read the many versions of Cinderella and watch all the movies made about her but yet she never looks like she does in this picture and neither does the prince. This painting truly depicts the look of clothes and hairstyles worn when Cinderella came about. Also this painting goes with the Cinderella we read for this class because we are lead to believe that prince truly does love her for more than what she appears. As you can see the prince standing behind her and just gazing at her with eyes of love of admiration, that he simply cannot get enough of her. But what I wish was incorporated into the story was the detail on both of their outfits because they are so detailed and extravagant that adding the description into the story would have shown the ranking the prince had as far as money goes and with Cinderella’s fairy god mother giving her more than what she is. And what is beautiful about this painting is this is what beautiful was back then, you can see the difference is eras.