July 28, 2013

Cinderella's Slipper, By Jude Tulli

"Luna," by Edward Charles Halle, artmagick.com
Editor's note: I love the stars. The pictures we receive from outer space shine more divinely than anything we can conceive here on Earth. That's why Jude's poem spoke to me. PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINKS!

If Cinderella's slipper was a galaxy
Her gown would be the shimmering
Sloan Great Wall,
fascinator unrivalled by any stepsister's.

She would dazzle with Oort Cloud earrings,
spiral arms the perfect cinch to be her belt.
bracelets tinkle in time when she dances with her prince.

How she has cried supernova tears, this princess.
For she has known such depths of
darkness in the heart
That when she laughs the
brightness from her eyes will take your breath away.

Oh, if Cinderella's slipper is a galaxy,
Let me be a sentient speck of dust
At that grand ball!

Jude Tulli is honored to have been published before on Enchanted Conversation. He lives beneath the bright Milky Way night sky with his beloved wife Trish and a small pride of housecats.



Lissa Sloan said...

What a clever idea! My favorite photo is the Sloan Great Wall, and not just because of the name, it's just beautiful:)

Kate W. said...

I wonder why? :)

Aliza Faber said...

What a wonderful idea!

Laura B. said...

Wonderful poem and links! My favorite is "from the brightness of her eyes." Fun, fun.

Anonymous said...

This truly is a wonderful idea. The photos themselves are amazing and they are integrated into to the poem perfectly. I enjoyed how the author was able to take a fairy tale that everyone is familiar with and create great imagery using photos of space; something I would not have guessed could have been done so effectively. My favorite line in this poem is “when she laughs the brightness from her eyes will take your breath away.” Not only do I think that is a great line that provides a good deal of imagery on its own, but the picture is fascinating. It really does appear as though it could be an eye in space and you can see the happiness just beaming from the center. I would really be interested in seeing more poems like similar to this with more of the popular fairy tales. Great idea and execution, it is very entertaining.

-Thomas L

Trish T:) said...

Amazing poem and so clever how you integrated the links to the astronomy photos. This is my favorite Jude poem of all time! You are a truly amazing and gifted writer/poet... and I'm not just saying that because I am biased:)

Anonymous said...

I like this take on this poem. I feel that making her life in to a galaxy poem is pretty cool. Looking at this as galaxy kind of makes it seem much bigger and mysterious to me. I say this because galaxies are vast and much of them are unknown and I feel like there is much about Cinderella that we do not know; such as what is truly in her heart, different feelings she may have had before and after the ball that we just do not know because we are not in her head. Using this galaxy metaphor puts a new spin on Cinderella and her life. The author of this story was very creative in thinking this up and how they presented the poem to readers. TG