July 22, 2013

Can Anyone Tell Us About this Picture?

It's wonderful, but its name and maker are a mystery to me.


Gypsy Thornton said...

By Charles Edmund Brock (you can just see the signature in the bottom left).

If you google, the title of the pic comes up as "Can you tell me old mother, she said, where Odur is?" (Heroes of Asgard - I think "she" is Freyja)


Anonymous said...

Reverse google image search is helpful for identifying pictures. Just go into google images and drag and drop the image in the search box. I did this for this image and the first result had the answer - it's an illustration by Charles E. Brock from a book called The Heroes of Asgard.


Laura B. said...

I don't know but it would be wonderful for a game of "story starter" where you ask students to make up a story about the picture. I love the cats!