June 6, 2013

About the Big Beyond the Glass Slipper Writing Contest

I suspect I wasn't as clear as I needed to be about the focus of the Beyond the Glass Slipper Contest.

Anything you enter should be inspired by the 10 stories in the book.

The contest exists, in a big way, to promote the book. The prize level, for me, is very high. I would not be running the contest if the book wasn't important to me. The stories were VERY carefully chosen. I hope the contest will help promote them.

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From, "The Nixy," one of the 10 stories in Beyond the Glass Slipper

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Megan W. said...

I always thought it was kind of silly that Sleeping Beauty pricked herself on a spindle and that's how she was placed into sleep. It would be much more interesting if it had happened in a different way. Like someone silencing her with a hidden dagger, non-lethal as that would end the story, that was poisoned or being suddenly and mysteriously struck ill or of some such nature as that.