May 21, 2012

Red Poppy Review, By Sandy Benitez

Editor's note: I'm always on the lookout for other journals and 'zines that celebrate beauty and mystery. I was delighted when I stumbled across Red Poppy Review. While not a specifically fairy-tale related journal, Red Poppy Review is place of enchantment. Both readers and writers should check it out. Below is an invitation to visit from Red Poppy Editor Sandy Benitez.
Dear Readers of Enchanted Conversation,

I'd like to invite you to submit your short poems, haiku, or prose to Red Poppy Review.  We are always in search of beautiful, haunting words that linger on the page and transport you to another place or time.

Red Poppy Review is a literary art journal dedicated to showcasing short forms of poetry such as free verse poems 25 lines or less, haiku, and prose poems 300 words or less. Topics of interest are nature, travel, introspection, dreams, memories, relationships, with a hint of surrealism but anything interesting will do.

Sandy Benitez
Image is not from Benitez's site, just some clip art I played with. KW

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