December 15, 2011

The Witch of the Wolfwoods, By Amanda C. Davis

They sent a girl, a pretty pup.
I wonder if they dared to tell her,
While they filled her basket up,
Who is Granny, what befell her?

Does she know it took full thirty
Men to chain my wolfish wrath?
Ten to hunt me, ten to hurt me,
Ten to drag me down the path?

Cowards: as they fear to kill me
So they fear to let me die.
Now they send me bread to fill me.
I'd rather starve. But I'm still sly.

The chains have loosened from my feet.
This time, they have sent me meat.

Amanda C. Davis enjoys the occasional basket of sweets. Learn more about her and her work at


Teresa Robeson said...

Very clever rhyme!

Laura B. said...

Wondrous, exciting, elliptical! Left me wanting to read more of your poems.

Bradley Nies said...

Very dark. That's why I loved it!

Anonymous said...

I am not entirely sure what this poem is about. It sounds like it is a poem from the wolf of LRRH and they have him captured so that he can do more harm to anybody else but they are afraid to kill him because they are unsure as to what will happen if they were too. The beginning part also sounds like her mother or who ever sends Red to grandmother’s house had an idea about what was to take place and was sort of sending her as a sacrifice to the wolf as a way to keep everyone else safe. Towards the end when the author says “The chains have loosened from my feet. This time, they have sent me meat” sounds like the wolf is getting ready to break free from his prison and gain his revenge on those that put him there. TG