December 15, 2011

EC's Little Red Riding Hood Issue, Table Of Contents

Charles Dickens is quoted as saying that his first love was Little Red Riding Hood. Considering how complicated his personal life eventually became, maybe that should tell us something about him.

Or not.

But one thing is for sure, "Little Red Riding Hood" has always been a wonderfully nasty tale, at least when told by writers and poets with an eye towards the dark, dark woods and the possibilities of wolves.

In this issue, you'll find, death, mystery, mysterious allure, humor, insanity and more than a little blood.

You've been warned. Start reading the posts below. 

And have a lovely holiday.

Darkly yours,
Kate Wolford, Editor

PS: EC will return in January with its new publishing style.

PSS: Blogger is being very contrary. Please make sure to look into older posts for all of the works for this issue and for new information on EC, changes coming to the zine and the current giveaway.

Image by Ethel F. Betts

Table of Contents

Red Cape, By Lissa Sloan

Wolf Slayer, By John Wiswell

What Big Eyes, By Jude Tulli

Red is for Ritual, By Gerri Leen

Red Grown, By James Tolan

Hero Worship, By Alethea Kontis

Untruths About the Desirability of Wolves, By Megan Englehardt

The Little Red Tarot, By Alexandra Seidel

The Witch of the Wolfwoods, By Amanda C. Davis

Alive in the Wolf's Belly, By Sarah Hans

Inside, By Lorraine Schein

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