September 25, 2011

Sleeping Beauty, By Ariel Villa

  Editor's Note: Our student author tells us, "My name is Ariel Tiana Villa. I am 17 years old, and a Junior in High School. I live in midtown Manhattan and I love the city. I am in love with poetry and photography."
First off, let me tell you something. That cute, romantic, “happily ever after” love, it doesn’t exist. I'm telling you as a guy with experience, it just does not exist. I've come to learn that people – especially women – can be very heartless. I don’t admit it out loud to my family or friends, but I’ve had my heart broken too many times now. It's because of women that real joy is difficult to find in life. Anyway, I was in my palace trying to enjoy my Saturday morning, and my cousin came over to tell me some insane story. I couldn't believe this guy. A princess, in a castle just an hour or two away from me by horse, asleep for 100 years?! Impossible. Absolutely impossible. What type of prince does he think I am, a stupid one?
“I don't believe you.” I said to my cousin as I rolled my eyes.
“I swear every word is true! When she was born, her parents were ecstatic. They had been longing for a child for so long, and finally the queen gave birth to a precious little girl. They had this huge celebration and invited everyone, except for this one fairy – ”
“A fairy?” I questioned. This guy was seriously taking me for a fool.
“Yes! This one fairy wasn't invited, and she put this wicked curse on the little girl. Once the princess turned 16, she would touch a spindle with her finger, and she would die. But you see cousin – I mean, my prince – the princess had fairies on her side. They managed to change the curse, so that when she would touch the spindle she would only go into a deep sleep for 100 years. After 100 years, a prince would come and kiss her, and she would awake and be saved. Once she turned 16, everything fell into place. She touched the spindle, and not only did she fall asleep but everyone in her castle did!” It was a little troubling to me that my cousin knew all about this story. He took it so seriously.
“100 years? Well I'm sure she's very attractive,” I said sarcastically. “Just out of curiosity, when did this all happen?” Suddenly my cousin looked away. He stared at the floor, at his feet, at my feet. He was looking everywhere but at me. I started getting irritated with him; he was acting so strange this morning!
“Spit it out already!” I yelled in frustration.
“Well, this is why I came to you my prince. You see, it happened 100 years ago.” he said quietly. I gasped as my eyes widened. 100 years ago? 100 years ago...Why was I suddenly so shocked, so curious, so confused?  I nervously laughed, and told my cousin that he better stop lying to me, and that he should just go home. He tried to tell me something, but I literally pushed him out of my palace. Once he left I began pacing the shiny marble floors back and forth. I knew exactly how to get to the place where this castle supposedly stood. I looked out my window, and all I saw was my horse staring right at me. I had to find out, I had to know that I wasn't going crazy. I ran out through the doors and jumped onto my horse. I was on a mission.
The wind blew through my hair and all the colors around me were a blur. The sun beamed down on me and sweat rolled down my face; there wasn’t a cloud in sight. In what seemed a short amount of time, I arrived right where the castle should be, but all I saw was grass. Grass that was taller than me, grass that would consume me – if I dared to walk through it. I looked back at the road, and I knew there was no way I could turn back.
I started climbing and crawling my way through the walls of green. It wasn't long until I couldn't see anything but grass around me. I started to panic, but there was no way I could stop. I had to find this castle, I knew it was here. As time went on I was becoming more afraid, and out of fear I started running. I kept running and running, gasping for some air, until I ran smack into a wall. All I remember is waking up and staring at the clear blue sky. I came back to reality, thanked God that no one was there to see that, and stood up. When I stood up, I almost fell right back down. My mouth was wide open, and I couldn't believe it. There in front of me was a giant castle. The stonewalls seemed to reach to the heavens, and the giant door was more intimidating than any guard I had ever seen. My palace wasn’t even this beautiful. Excitement quickly took over me and I opened the door and ran inside. I began admiring the old artwork on the windows, looking at all the ancient furniture; I was ready to explore the whole castle! But then I stopped.
‘The princess! The beautiful princess…she must be here. “
I've never ran up a flight of stairs so fast before in my life. Never had I had such feelings boiling inside my body. I ran past sleeping maids, butlers, and other people of royalty, until I reached this one door. It was made of maple wood, and I stared at it for a few minutes. Thoughts were galloping through my mind, would I really open the door? I placed my hand on the handle, and slowly went inside.
There she was. She was lying upon a small bed, with a lovely blue dress on. Her blond hair fell perfectly upon her face, and her lips – oh her lips. Her lips were ruby red. I walked towards her, and took in every enchanting detail. She was a princess, a treasure. I don't know what took over me, but the next thing I knew I was bending down, and holding her flawless face in my trembling hands.
“You're truly're truly magnificent...not awake but still breath truly are a sleeping beauty.” and then I kissed her. Yes, I kissed her! I was never so happy before, never so in love. She opened her eyes, her beautiful ocean blue eyes, smiled at me, and I was sent into another world. Just a few hours earlier I was thinking that true love could never be found. That doors leading to happiness rarely ever opened. But here I was, with the most wonderful girl proving me wrong.
“You saved me.” she whispered as her soft hands held mine. I smiled back, and I knew this would be a new beginning.
“No,” I grinned, “You saved me.”

Image by E. F. Brewtnall.

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Anonymous said...

Molly G.
Wow, I absolutely loved this retelling of sleeping beauty. I loved that the story was told from a prince's point of view. Fairy tales are amazing, but I am starting to get sick of everything being about a woman, and hearing the entire story from a male's perspective was a nice change. The twist about it being 100 years later was interesting and funny to think about a prince desiring to find a woman who has been asleep for a century. This story made sleeping beauty seem more relevant although the prince still went to her by horse. I got the feeling of a modern fairy tale because of the way he addressed the complications of finding true love. When the cousin came to tell the prince of the news and explained all the people in the princess' castle were under the spell it reminded me of beauty and the beast. The Disney movie, when all the workers were turned into furniture objects. This version was one of my favorites I have read.