June 24, 2011

Snow White Poetry Issue

Will Snow White Ever Learn?

It's June according to the calendar, but in the land of Enchanted Conversation, it's cold and treacherous and filled with revenge. It's the "Snow White Poetry Issue," and it's very clear that our poets have read, and were inspired by, the ancient, dark versions of "Snow White."

We let our chosen works speak for themselves, but we have some treats coming up in the next few weeks, including a paper by scholar John P. Pazdziora.

But for now ...

Diary of a Mad Dwarf, By Katrina Robinson

Forging the Iron Clogs, By Sarah Stasik

Snow White in Russia, By Ace G. Pilkington

Reflections: The Mirror Speaks, By Julia H. West

Snow, Blood, Ebony, By Rachel Ayers

Beauty on the Lam, By Candace L. Barr

Remember Winter, By Deborah Walker

Three Glass Shards, By Lorraine Schein

Night of Snow, By Mary Meriam

Pale Quarry, By Frances McQuillan

The Magic Mirror's Reflection, By Adina Rosenthal (at Diamondsandtoads.com)

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