June 24, 2011

Beauty On The Lam, By Candace L. Barr

A lost child tramps through the woods
Delivered from death by her executioner
Perhaps into the waiting jaws of a beast
And a more gruesome end.
No mother to care, and what of her father
And his supreme power over the land?

Seven harborers cannot save
A young fugitive from herself;
Childish innocence and pretty trinkets
Outweigh safety and self-preservation.

Twice she trusts in the beauty of objects.
Twice her diminutive saviors
Bring her back from Paradise
Third time's the curse!

Dirt cannot cover vanquished beauty,
And all must see her to mourn
Until morbid fascination moves her
From one resting place to another
And accidentally dislodges the fatal fruit.

The young nomad is restored
To her former place in a new society,
And vain curiosity punishes a failed murderess
With deadly footwork.

Candace is a graduate of the Howard University Spanish program who enjoys mythology and other forms of didactic storytelling.  When she isn't reading and writing, she is playing with yarn and fiber.

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