Samples of EC Work

Below is a tiny sliver of the kind of work published here at Enchanted Conversation. Don't worry about the fact that they involve themes and might have involved contests. The new guidelines, which are HERE, are what count now--there are new themes and rules. And ignore contributors' bio's. They would be different now. But these samples will give you a start on what's preferred at EC. To get a better idea, scroll through the archives from 2011 through 2013, The archives are on the right side of the site.

To get a much better idea of what's preferred at EC, read Beyond the Glass Slipper, Krampusncht: Twelve Nights of Krampus, and Frozen Fairy Tales. I have linked them to Amazon, but you can find them available in other formats by going to World Weaver Press.

Here are the samples. Just follow the links.

Hero Worship, Alethea Kontis

Puss in Boots, Aliza Faber

The Goblin Players, Ross Smeltzer

How Beautiful She Is, Mary Meriam

Cats-eyes and Carbuncles, Todd Swanson

Red Cape, Lissa Sloan

What Big Eyes, Jude Tulli

A Public Service Announcement from Krampus, Jude Tulli

No Harm in Tears, Lissa Sloan

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