Enchanted Conversation Magazine is a bi-monthly webzine that publishes original stories and poems using fairy tale, folklore, and mythic themes. Check out our past issues HERE.
Amanda Bergloff
Amanda is an editor and author who writes modern fairy tales and speculative fiction. Her work has appeared in various anthologies, including Stories from the World of Tomorrow, Frozen Fairy Tales, After the Happily Ever After, and Uncommon Pet Tales.
Check out her Amazon Author Page HERE
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Kate Wolford
Founder and Contributing Editor
Kate is the original publisher of Enchanted Conversation Magazine. She's also a freelance editor whose books, Beyond the Glass Slipper, Krampusnacht, Tales of Krampus, and Frozen Fairy Tales can all be found at her Amazon Author Page HERE.
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Kiyomi Appleton Gaines
Kiyomi writes stories and articles inspired by folklore and fairy tales. She has a background in anthropology and religious studies, and served in Peace Corps Cameroon, where she practiced Pidgin by telling fairy tales to her language instructor. She now lives in New Orleans.
Find more of her writing at A Work of Heart
and follow her on Twitter @ThatKiyomi
William Gilmer
Will is a writer and poet currently living in Michigan where Fall doesn't last long enough. Two dozen of his stories have been published in places like Empyreome, The Sunlight Press, and Ellipsis.
Follow him on Twitter @willwritethings

Angelika M. Offenwanger
Angelika is a writer, reader, blogger, and editor who has loved fairy tales and folklore from the time she was a little girl--so much so that when she was grown, she wrote a master's thesis on them. Born and raised in Germany, she now lives in Western Canada. 
Follow her blog Amo Vitam
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Craig Gassen
Visual Arts Editor
Craig is an art educator and freelance artist and editor whose work has been published by Caliber Comics, Squidworks (Dead by Dawn,) and ACME Comics (Crimson Dreams.)
Follow him on Twitter @EducatingHector
Pictured: Craig and Amanda at the Denver Comic Con. Yes, we really do like comics...
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