EASY HALLOWEEN DIY - Lace & Glass Gothic Candle Holders

Looking for an EASY DIY project this Halloween?
No glue is needed for this project that re-purposes your stemware into unique candle holders to use for table centerpieces, fireplace mantles, side tables, and more. Double-sided tape and lace makes it easy to create. and once you’re done, simply remove the lace and tape to have your glasses back!


- Assorted stemware and glasses
- Assorted sizes of flameless battery operated candles and votives
- Assorted sizes of black lace trim - 1 yard each
- Clear double sided tape - Non permanent only
- 16 gauge silver craft wire - 36 inch length
- Moss
- Small craft raven - 4 inch height
STEP 1: Turn stemware upside down so the base is facing up. Take 2 inch lengths of the double sided tape (centering it on the edge of the base of the stemware) and press along the outer edge. Continue with the tape until the base is covered all the way around.
STEP 2: Adhere lace (centering it) to the taped edge and press firmly. Trim excess lace once it has been wrapped completely around the base.
STEP 3: Continue wrapping your assorted stemware with double sided tape wherever you want to place lace. Mix and match lace, along with different sizes and styles of stemware.
STEP 4: (To continue to construct a raven candle holder) From the 16 gauge wire, cut 36 inch length and bend it in half. Wrap the bent wire once around the stem and pull tight.
STEP 5: Continue bending and structuring the wire around the stem to make a platform for the moss.
STEP 6: Weave moss in and out of the wire platform.
STEP 7: Set raven in moss and wire, weaving the raven’s feet in the wire to make it stable.
STEP 8: Wrap flameless battery operated votive with moss.
STEP 9: Place the finished candle holder over the moss wrapped votive for light inside the glass. Place another flameless battery operated candle on the top to finish the candle holder.
STEP 10: Wrap flameless votives with moss for the rest of your candles holders (if you'd like some extra light) to place under the glass for light to shine from inside. Place flameless battery operated candle on top and your candle holders are ready to display and enjoy!
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