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Just a Reminder: SUBMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN until JULY 20, 2018
for the August 2018 Issue
August: Anything Goes!
For our August issue, we haveNO SPECIFIED THEME,so anything goes! You get to pick the themeto your fairy tale, folktale, or myth.Work can either be re-tellings of established stories or use original characters set within the fairy tale, folktale, and mythic templates. Questions about the differences in these templates? Check out a quick reference guide to themHERE.

Be bold, traditional, lyrical, or experimental in your storytelling and enchant us with your original stories set in a variety of locations around the world and time periods from ancient to modern.
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FAIRY TALE FLASH - Found by Shalom Galve Aranas

The dark prince awoke at the edge of the sea...
I found you lying on the beach at midnight. I was taking a walk. It was very hot inside my hut and I had to go out in my shawl and white nightdress.

You were naked with sand all over your large, strong thighs. I thought you were a fisherman whom the sea returned and the sand reclaimed. I had to see you. Because even then, my heart pounded as you slept like a prince who needed to be kissed to wake up.

I knelt before your prone figure and kissed you on your powerful mouth.

The dark prince awoke. I saw that you have a noble nose and I knew that I will always have you in my mind for the rest of my life. I lent you my shawl to cover what I would never forget because even then, I was falling in love but was fearful of this power you had over me.

Why are you lying here by the beach? I asked.

I don’t remember, he replied and blinked his eyes twice to have a better look at me.

Did you just kiss me? he asked as though he had been dreaming and I had stole…

EVER-CHANGING FAIRY TALES by Kiyomi Appleton Gaines

Do fairy tales always remain the same or do they change to suit each generation? EC's contributing editor, Kiyomi Appleton Gaines, shares her thoughts on the topic in this week's article: Some people have been very upset recently about the results of asurveythat found that parents are changing fairy tales in order to make them more gentle tales for their children. Changing these classic tales, many an argument goes, is nothing but political correctness run rampant.

Yet fairy tales have always been retold, embellished, and otherwise changed to suit the mores and preferences of the current generation. Our current standards of child-rearing, begun with and passed down from the Victorians, is that children should be coddled and protected. What should we expect but that it should include the stories we tuck little ones into bed with? And why not? They're small and it's definitely better than the workhouses of yore! However, very few children, even among those parents and grand…

JUNE ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - Meet Eveline Wallace

This month's Artist Spotlight shines on artist, Eveline Wallace,
interviewed by EC's contributing editor, A.M. Offenwanger.
I first met Eveline Wallace when my local library had a show of her art. I was taking a poetry class, and spend a long time staring at a large painting of a three-masted ship sailing across sky-blue waves on the top half of an arch-shaped canvas. It was only after I had written my poem about the ship that I realized that what I had taken for vaguely abstract rocks along the right side of the painting was, in fact, a map of the California coastline.

That blend of abstract and concrete, of perfectly obvious and delightfully unexpected, is what characterizes Eveline’s work—even characterizes Eveline herself. At a “Meet the Artist” day I got to know her in person—a small lady with snow-white hair that sported one vibrant purple streak. Lately, that streak was pink, and when I went over to her house to interview her for Enchanted Conversation Magazine, her hair…

FAIRY TALE FLASH - A Brother's View by Becca Miller

He shoved his way through the crowd, but another was there first...
In the crush of dancers, he barely saw her as she entered the room. Yet, there was something about her that immediately drew him to her. Was it her beauty? She was very nearly the most beautiful woman in the room, with her perfect blonde curls and bright blue eyes. The air of magic that hung around her? Whatever it was, he knew that he had to meet the mysterious woman and take her into his arms. Who was she? He really did not care. He lived for the moment and wanted to dance.

He shoved his way through the crowd, almost at her side. Horror! Another there first. A growl of frustration. His brother? Of course. For the crown prince must always be first. And he forever second. He sulked in the corner. Pouting. Angry. Dejected. Someone joined him. He glanced over to see Lady Alyssa Davenport. She had been his brother’s favorite. She must also be feeling the rejection.

“It’s Ella,” Alyssa spat. He looked to where his brother an…

SATURDAY TALE - Someone Else's Story by Kiyomi Appleton Gaines

She sometimes thought she could remember. But it felt like someone else's story, like something she had heard again and again, but not something that had happened... Sometimes she woke and didn't know where she was, stuck in that strange space between dreaming and the rest of her life. The man beside her, wrapped in the rumpled sheets, would seem a stranger, and she would try to piece together just how she had ended up here and who he was. She would either fall back asleep, or struggle to wakefulness, and the familiar would settle over her again.

Day to day passed with little change, but she found she was more or less content. Her home was modest, but clean and orderly. The garden plot was neat, and the animals well cared for. She had a good life. In the distance, on a clear day, she could sometimes see the parapets of the castle, the colored flags unfurled in the wind on their narrow stilts. Sometimes, unaccountably, the sight of them would leave her feeling melancholy, and sh…


The Brothers Grimm, One Thousand and One Nights, Mother Goose...almost all our knowledge of fairytales and early children’s literature comes from collections. We seem to hear more about these collections, and the people who took the time to compile them, than we do about the original writers. This month I’m looking at the people behind the stories, the people’s whose work deserved collecting in the first place. Beatrix Potter Beatrix Potter was a powerhouse far ahead of her time. We remember her best for fables that showcased anthropomorphized animals like The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin, but she was much more (which is saying a lot considering The Tale of Peter Rabbit is still one of the best-selling books of all time).

There were many advantages for Beatrix growing up. Her family had wealth through the ownership of one of England’s largest textile printing works, as well as luck in the earlier days of the stock market. Beatrix was privately educated and found a…