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FAIRY TALE FLASH - The Song by E.L. Bates

A song called to her that no one else could hear...
“Can’t you hear it? Can’t you hear the song? It’s calling to me, and I must answer.”

“We’ve been through this before, Marina Alexandrovna. There is no song!”

Marina looked at the carrots she was supposed to be scraping for dinner. No song? How could her mother not hear it? She could hear almost nothing else.

It was a melody like none she’d heard before. Wilder, deeper, richer, purer than the gusli or the svirel played by the Wanderers who often came to the village fair.

Marina’s feet danced in response. Duty told her to stay; the passion burning in her chest urged toward a higher calling.

Leaving carrots, dinner, a startled mother, and her home behind, Marina followed the song.

Through the darkest forests, over the steepest mountains, across the frozen steppes, until her shoes wore through and fell from her feet and her clothes were nothing more than rags, Marina followed the song.

Despite the people who thought her mad, who told her to stay…


Ghosts have always played a role in fairy tales, and Enchanted Conversation Magazine's contributing editor, Kiyomi Appleton Gaines, explores the topic in this week's article: I was in a car with my family in Thailand, and to pass the time, asked my sister in law if she knew any Thai fairy tales or folk tales. No, she said, there aren't any Thai fairy tales. My brother in law chimed in, "Thailand could use some nice happy stories with fairies and happy endings."

No folk tales? Of course I didn't believe them.

"We have a lot of ghost stories," my sister in law said, and I asked her to tell us one.

I spend so much time in these stories and thinking about the shape and content of traditional tales and the stories of the marvelous that we tend to refer to as a body of folklore, or fairy tales, that I forget and am surprised when people still think of them as Disneyfied children's stories, where the girls are always beautiful and the princes are always ch…

FAIRY TALE FLASH - Selkie Lament by Connie Todd Lila

The embrace of the sea surrounds the whole of you at once... “Sing us your silky song, Gran.”
“That’s Selkie, poppet.” Gran smiled and dropped a kiss on top of the sleek, umber hair tickling her chin.

“Will you sing it?” Clearing her throat, Gran sang the lament past bitter memory. “The Moon is high… She paints the waves with sequins o’re the water But Her sacred song I cannot dance… So grieves Her Selkie daughter…”
“Tell us about Graypa, Gran. Only please don’t cry this time.” This time she didn’t.                                                                                                          He’d been a fisherman, kept his boat out in the dusk, and so saw her swimming. Unclothed, he thought her a mermaid and chased her to shore. When she ran on two legs, he followed her wet footprints to a crevice in the rocks. Some of the kelp tossed over it was hastily pulled aside. Squeezing through, thinking to corner the maiden, he found instead and held before him an animal skin. Sleek it was, umb…

MAY ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - Meet Michael Mitchell

This month's Artist Spotlight shines on artist/illustrator, Michael Mitchell. Michael is an artist, writer, and musician whose work includes illustrations for books, comic strips, and roleplaying games. He has been exploring imaginative worlds and developing character designs for most of his life, and his passion for storytelling drives every aspect of his art and writing.
Find out more about him in his interview below, and share your thoughts about his art in the Comments section. We'd love to hear from you!
Hi Michael. What inspired you to become an artist?
I’ve always loved sci-fi and fantasy stories, whether it was movies, illustrated books, or comic books. At an early age, I wanted to be a cartoonist. Comic book artists such as Carl Barks, who drew and wrote Disney’s Uncle Scrooge, really inspired me. I spent way too many hours learning how to draw those ducks! The Star Wars movies and toys, early Disney films, and Saturday morning cartoons were all major inspirations to my d…


Weddings and superstitions...EC's contributing editor, William Gilmer, delves into the history of some well known traditions just in time for the "June Brides" out there. I have some exciting news to share this month! In August, I will be marrying Dena, my best friend and favorite person in the world. In an effort to steady the shaker bottle of anxiety churning in my stomach, I decided to research the history of some well-known wedding traditions. My anxiety ramped into overdrive as I slowly learned the dark truths behind these customs. It turns out there is a whole host of evil spirits just waiting to ruin our big day.

The thing about evil spirits is that, well, they’re evil, and will do whatever they can to spoil a good time. I certainly wasn’t going to stand by and let some disembodied jerks ruin our big day, so I looked at what people had done in the past to thwart these supernatural wedding crashers. My hope was to incorporate some safe guards into the ceremony withou…