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Fairies and Fan Fiction - William Gilmer

It’s not a stretch to call fan fiction polarizing.Its legitimacy is often questioned by self-appointed “serious” writers, even though it is one of the most prolific forms being written today. How prolific? Head over to and see how many stories have been uploaded in the past day. I’ll wait.

Impressive isn’t it?

There are already mile long forum threads to show how non-productive it is to debate the validity of fan fiction, so I’m not going to throw my opinionated hat into that ring. I would rather use this space to highlight one example of fan fiction that is enjoying massive success – the modern, or fractured, fairy tale.

Not fan fiction you say? Do they utilize characters from other works in original ways? Do they explore worlds and settings created by others? Do they seek to deepen and pay homage to already existing narratives?

Sounds like fan fiction to me, and it’s thriving.

A quick internet search brings up numerous anthologies of “new” fairy tales published in the la…

Double Fairy Tale Flash - The Snake of Midas AND The Blank Night Sky

This week, Enchanted Conversation Magazine  presents two Fairy Tale Flash stories: The Snake of Midas by E.J. Hagadorn and  The Blank Night Sky by Kyle Bolan We hope you enjoy them and share your thoughts with the authors of these mythic tales in the comments section below.
While wandering through a hedge maze where the sun never set, I found myself in a courtyard, one of many I’d seen that day.
I stepped out of the shadowy passage, and the hedges grew and twined behind me until I was looking at a solid wall of green leaves. I knew well that no effort would take me back that way. The path was gone.
And just as before, the other walls of the courtyard had no opening at all.
Circled in by the high yew hedges, a green lawn sprawled out before me, and all around me were statues of gold. Under the clear sky they looked as if they were made of sunlight. Here was an old man kneeling in prayer. There was a young woman tying her hair back.  And over by the other end of the courtyard was a little boy p…

Story Inspiration - Photo Reflections from Thailand by Kiyomi Appleton Gaines

This week, Enchanted Conversation Magazinewould like to thank, Kiyomi Appleton Gaines, forsharing her photos and thoughts from her recent trip to Thailand. We hope Kiyomi's art and words can serve as story-inspiration for our readers. The old city is in ruins, falling down, overgrown with trees and plants. The forest is taking it back. Yet still they know the way along the old paths and animal trails. They climbed into the old temple, ruinous and crumbling, steps worn by a thousand foot falls and weathered by the years. They climbed to the place where the image used to sit, of the one they and they ancients worshiped. Behind it was an alcove, hidden in darkness, thick with mosquitoes and damp. Outside the sun was setting. Stairs curved now, down, as many as they had climbed up the crumbling edifice, and more. The air was heavier here, and grew cool. Their candles flickered, casting shadows and illumination over images engraved on the walls of their descent; images offering instructio…

Fairy Tale Flash for Spring - Beloved

All the assembled Elementals held their breath and waited...
Air waited impatiently, stamping her feet on the ground.

Fire wondered aloud why they were always kept waiting.
Earth said it had always been this way.

Winter moved off on the horizon and disappeared.

All was still.

A curtain of mist fell across the landscape, and the assembled Elementals all held their breath.

Then, the curtain parted, and she stepped from the Beyond in a delicate shimmering cloak that glittered with all the power of starlight and dreaming. Droplets of water most pure intertwined to form the sheer silver fabric that took four maidens to hold up

It was time for the flowers and the land to be awakened, and only her touch could do it.

All bowed before her when she walked by, and she nodded in their direction.

Where she passed, gentle rain called the flowers forth.

Air, Fire, and Earth all sighed. They knew they were in the presence of pure endless beauty, and their beloved one had returned.

The wait had been worth it, an…

March Artist Spotlight: John Anster Fitzgerald by Kate Wolford

You’ve seen his work if you are any kind of a fairy art aficionado. The backgrounds are densely layered with little creatures and fantastic plants, while the foregrounds dance with exquisite, ethereal fairies. The colors are sumptuous and vibrant and make the colors in real life seem pallid in contrast.

John Anster Fitzgerald (1819-1906) was known as “Fairy Fitzgerald,” during his lifetime, which encompassed the entire Victorian era — a time when fantasy and fairy tale illustration was booming. His dreamy works held their own next to paintings by Pre-Raphaelite super stars like John William Waterhouse and Edward Burne-Jones.

Yet unlike the Pre-Raphaelites, Fitzgerald was not chummy with his peers. He seems to have been a self-taught artist, although he did exhibit at prestigious institutions like the Royal Academy of Arts. Maybe his family life kept him too busy for clubbing with other artists, as he had a wife, Mary Ann Barr, and at least six children.

Despite his domestic duties and hi…

Hitting the Wall by A.M. Offenwanger

What nobody had told me was that the folklore about frogs is different...
EDITOR'S NOTE:Just a reminder that submissions for the April "Animal-Themed" issue will close on March 20th. Read all the detailsHERE. Until the new issue comes out, please enjoy A.M. Offenwanger's "animal-tale" of a frog and many princesses called, "Hitting the Wall." “Become a frog,” they said. “You’ll have pretty girls lining up to kiss you. Sure way to get that girlfriend.” So I hoofed it over to the nearest witch. It only took a little bit of taunting about gingerbread and little kids for her to lose her temper and zap me. Whoosh, there I was, developing a taste for entomology (house flies, I learned, are a good staple food; mosquitoes work well for a snack—they leave a nice metallic buzz on the tongue).
But what nobody had told me was that the folklore about frogs is different in Europe. Girls read fairy tales from books there, and the way the old Grimms tell the story is…

Double Fairy Tale Flash - The Life Changing Magic of Getting Your Teenage Wizard Son to Tidy Up AND Pizza Pot

This week, Enchanted Conversation Magazine  is featuring two Fairy Tale Flash stories: The Life-Changing Magic of Getting Your Teenage Wizard Son to Tidy Up by Lena Ng and  Pizza Pot by Kerry E.B. Black We hope you enjoy them and share your thoughts with the authors of these tales in the comments section below. The young wizard, over the dusty grimoires, rusted talismans, and ancient amulets scattered over the floor, waved his wand and intoned the tangled spell. His arms hung mid-air in anticipation.
Nothing happened.

A head poked into his room. "What about the magic of tidying up? There's a whole book written about it."

"Can't you see I'm busy?"

"It's supposed to change your life."

"Mom, magic is performed to astonish and amaze. Not to clean the toilet."

"I'm amazed I'm still alive. Last week I was almost trampled by a pirouetting bison."

"That's because I pronounced a spell word wrong.  It's supposed to be …