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Editor's Note: I met Angelika through a story she wrote for Enchanted Conversation's The Elves and the Shoemaker issue. Her wonderful tale made me want to read her blog--where her photography, poems, and thoughts on writing and life in general (and her bear, Steve) led me to asking her to join EC as a contributing editor. Find out more about Angelika from her interview below, and say "hello" to her in the Comments section. 
-Amanda Bergloff

1.  What is your favorite fairy tale and why? 
What, I only get to pick one? Oh well, if you make me nail myself down...I think I'll go with Snow White and Rose Red. The reason I love this story is because it is a tale in which kindess is rewarded and wickedness gets its comeuppance. The girls take in the bear, give him shelter from the cold and make friends with him; they're kind to one another; and they even treat the nasty little dwarf with unfailing courtesy. In the end, everyone gets what they deserve -- the dwarf gets a good hard slap, the bear has his human form back, and the girls get a prince apiece, with the rose trees in front of their cozy little castle. It's a very satisfying story.

2.  Do you work from an outline or plot when you write or do you prefer to see where an idea takes you
Am I a pantser or a plotter? I'm probably a plantser, i.e. some of both. I don't make very precise outlines, but I do like having a rough framework to work in. That's why I love retelling fairy tales -- the plot is ready-made! Then within that framework, I like to see where things take me. Quite often, it's the characters' dialogue that leads me to places I didn't know I was heading, so I like to leave space open for that.

3.  Do you have other people read your work and give feedback before you submit it? If you do, has that ever dramatically changed your work?
For the most part, I do run my stories by a few people first. It tends to result in a few changes -- different wording, some additions or subtractions, chapters moved around to different locations etc, but usually nothing too drastic. I did, however, once change a significant chunk of a novel ending because one of my readers said that what I had done to the bad guys didn't fit the tone of my stories -- and he was absolutely right.
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