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Enchanted Conversation debuts our 
with EC's new visual arts editor, 
Craig Gassen
Editor's Note: Craig is an art educator and freelance artist that I was fortunate enough to work with on several art related projects, including the graphic novel anthology, Crimson Dreams. His art has inspired some story ideas for me, so I'm excited that he's bringing his talents as a visual arts editor to EC. Find out more about Craig from his Artist Spotlight interview below, and say "hello" to him in the Comments section. 
-Amanda Bergloff
What inspired you to become a comic artist? 
When I was nine, during the summer, my older brothers and I would lay around on the living room floor with piles of comics borrowed from an older neighbor kid, drawing the covers of our favorite comics. I was drawing, The Metal Men vs. the Missile Men, and I noticed that my drawing was better than either of my older siblings' drawings. This was the first time I remember being better than my brothers at anything. They could always read faster, run faster, hit harder, but I started drawing more and more realistic figures, and they kept drawing schematic figures without proper proportions. These early events motivated me to draw and look to comics as a source of inspiration.
I know you're also a sculptor. What is your preferred medium to create in? Clay, digital, paint, etc.? 
I do love to sculpt in clay, and I have always thought of myself as a sculptor. But, I am conflicted by the intense enjoyment I receive from drawing and inking. I love getting lost in blending pencil, but also the joy of crafting a black, thick to thin line that captures a pencil line in just the right way. Based on my current work, I have to say that the digital arena wins out for the diverse set of tools and experiences it offers.
Who is your favorite artist and why?
For the most part, Michelangelo. He was a sculptor, a designer, and a painter. He excelled at capturing the depth of the human form and imbued it with an emotion and a story.
Check out Craig's art below
Metamorphosis, Craig Gassen
Vermeer Under Glass, Craig Gassen
The Divine Wraith, Craig Gassen
Portal, Craig Gassen
Vortex, Craig Gassen
Craig and Amanda
at the Denver Comic Con.
Yes, we really do like comics.
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