December 7, 2017

Submissions Now Open for the February 2018 Issue

for Enchanted Conversation’s February 2018 Issue
Un rêve d'amour (A Dream of Love)

Love can be magical or tragic; star-crossed or end happily ever after; an unrequited longing or two souls that always find one another.

Enchanted Conversation is looking for stories, poems, art, and sequential art (aka comics) that explore different aspects of "love" in a fairy tale, folklore, or mythic setting. Work can either be re-tellings of established stories or about original characters set within the fairy tale, folklore, and mythic templates.

What if a witch’s curse backfires and turns into true love? Did Medusa love Perseus before her tragic end? Why does the Land long for the touch of the Sea? Can the cold heart of a trickster be warmed by one who out-tricks him? Be bold, traditional, lyrical or experimental in your storytelling. Think beyond palaces, princes, and princesses in their usual context. Take readers on a journey to long ago Japan, an enchanted forest in Russia, or magical root bridges in India - where the stage is set for characters to tell their unique tales of love.

For complete submission details, click HERE.

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