December 3, 2017

Help Wanted for Cinderella’s Hearth

Overall mission: Cinderella’s Hearth will focus on fairy godmothering everyday life, practicing mindfulness, and providing motivation to help people realize their goals. While the site will largely focus on practical advice, references to fairy tales and folklore will be sprinkled throughout the the site, and, through podcasts, visitors can enjoy listening to classic fairy tales.

Contributors will not be paid a salary, but will receive portions of any revenue. The site will be entirely owned by Kate Wolford only.

Who is needed to make the site work: 
A social media and ad development manager who would promote posts, giveaways, podcasts and other content. Must have at least 15,000 followers from all sites the candidate is active on (altogether, not for each site) and add significantly more to specifically follow Cinderella’s Hearth. This partner would also find creative ways to promote ad sales (including affiliate linking) and drive traffic to the site, including developing eye-catching graphics—so design skills are needed. Must have a strong Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, and Facebook presence (or at least three of the four). Hours: 25 per month after initial work getting the site started in promotional areas. Only candidates who aren’t shy and who willing to promote the site aggressively should apply. Portion of revenue: 25 percent.
Two contributing editors: Must be willing to come up with post ideas or write posts about topics I assign. Must have an understanding of how blogging works, although actual experience as a blogger is not required. Candidates must have strong writing and editing skills and be self starters. I am not interested in candidates who need a lot of hand holding. Candidates also need to be willing to take quality pictures. An ability to write about food and DIY would be great as well. Required contributions: two posts each  per month, from 750-1000 words, plus finding or make my your own art for the posts. Portion of revenue: 10 percent each. Once the bugs are worked out and contributors have a little experience, they should expect to work around 10-15 hours per month.

I (Kate Wolford) will be managing editor, and will write posts about mindfulness, health, homekeeping and gardening, or whatever I wish to write about. I will also do the classic fairy tale podcasts and guided meditations. I’ll be in charge of keeping track of contributors posts and lightly editing work—heavy editing should not be required.

Please send a detailed email message, including experience in the area you are applying for. Samples of writing and appropriate images in the area for which you are applying must be provided, even if you have to create them from scratch. Emails of interest should be sent to I will continue to accept applications until the jobs are filled.

Please, do not send emails of interest unless you actually have the time and strong desire to do this work. Each of these jobs provides a chance to hopefully make some money (I cannot guarantee income), improve your skills, get exposure for your talents, and to have some fun. At least one full calendar year of commitment is expected from the chosen contributors starting from the first day of publication. Work on the site will begin in January 2018.

This job would be perfect for stay at home parents, retirees, or people with flexible schedules who’ve always wanted to do a lifestyle blog.

The site will be a sister blog to Enchanted Conversation.

Again, please send emails of interest or questions to It’s the only email for the site.

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