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Throwback Thursday Tale - The Three Princesses

Kate and I would like to wish our EC readers a very Happy New Year with this Throwback Thursday Tale from The 2016 New Year's Issue. The story of three sisters,  a constellation, and  not doing what is expected...
“Remember Cinderella, we need it spotless for the new year so we’ll come home to a lucky house,” said Genevieve tossing her curls and showing off her new dress to her cousin.The green and silver silk was lovely, and the emerald tiara matched her eyes perfectly.
“A clean house for a new year makes everyone lucky,” said Josephine. She was as vain as her sister but much kinder. She paused to give her cousin a quick hug, pressed her hands and kissed her on the cheek. “I do wish you’d come with us Cindy. It would be so much fun.”
“I hope you both have a wonderful time,” she said and kissed her cousin back.
“Come on Josephine! We don’t want to miss the first dance.”
Josephine hurried out the door after her sister. “Happy New Year!” she called as she was stepping into the carriage.

A Million Thanks

Hi Everyone:
Amanda and I are proud to announce that Enchanted Conversation has hit one million page views as of today. It’s true that EC’s first location had hundreds of thousands of views, so technically, the publication hit a million some time ago, but I think of the address as the real Enchanted Conversation.
In a time when many online publications get millions of page views a day, a million over a number of years may seem like small potatoes, but EC has always been a niche site. We don’t advertise, and the world of new fairy tales may seem big, but the world of webzine publishing of new fairy tales is tiny. People have always had to search us out, so word of mouth is pretty much what we have had to rely on. Our social media game is improving thanks to Amanda, but I don’t foresee any “influencer” deals coming our way anytime soon.
Thank you so much for your readership, your financial support, your wonderful stories and poems. Enchanted Conversation is truly a gr…

The Elves and the Shoemaker - December Issue

Happy Holidays to all! Enchanted Conversation is pleased to present The Elves and The Shoemaker Issue. This classic Brothers Grimm tale was the inspiration for eight writers to create the original stories and poems presented here.

What happens when the solution to writer's block may be worse for the writer? Can a worthless girl discover a talent she never expected? Why does an online store make sure all their hats are specially wrapped in a secret? And what is the price to be paid when elves have things stolen from them?...Plus three more tales where elves and shoemakers are not always what they seem. Enjoy!
MAGIC IN THE NIGHT A. M. Offenwanger
SHOMAKER'S WIFE Shannon Cuthbert
GEAS Amanda Dier
TaylorMade: OF ETSY AND THE ELVES Heather Talty

Magic in the Night by A. M. Offenwanger

By the light of the full moon shining 
through the window, magic was created...
Girls don’t count. Especially not the kind of girl I was, who was no good at doing housework. I burned the porridge, I broke the crockery, and I scorched the ironing. My mistress was kind and patient, but I could tell by the look in her eyes that I was not much help to her. I tried my best for her, but still the dishes slipped out of my hand, and the fire leapt up to burn the food the moment my back was turned. Was that my fault? Matron said that it was; I still have the scar over my ear from where she struck me with a wooden spoon that day the shoemaker came to the orphanage to get a girl to help his wife.
She was delicate, the shoemaker’s wife, a pale, thin woman with eyes as colorless as the sky on a parched summer’s day. She had just lost another babe—a boy, it would have been, just like the two before him—and her heart was broken. Again and again she had broken her heart; then she had got with child agai…