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Welcome to 
Enchanted Conversation's Special Edition!
This month, Enchanted Conversation has created a super-sized Special Edition Issue as a “thank you” to all our readers and supporters in our latest fundraising efforts. Everyone’s support means so much to us, and we’ve put together an all new bonus issue this November with original content and a few surprises.

This issue features two new exclusives: Lissa Sloan's poem, Disobedience, and Marcia Sherman's story, Message in a Bottle, that we know you'll enjoy.

Can a fairy tale be told in 100-400 words? Yes it can, and our new feature, Fairy Tale Flash, (being introduced in this issue) will prove it. Just how do you make beerwood stew? What happens when too much magic dust is around? And what do you get when you capture a witch? Plus more...

We’re also celebrating artists of the Golden Age of Illustration with the help of several guest art editors this month.

And we are very pleased to present E.J. Hagadorn's article on L. Frank Baum: Father of the American Fairy Tale and Kiyomi A. Gaines' thoughts on fairy tales in the context of memento mori.

So thank you, again, to everyone who stops by and reads Enchanted Conversation.
We hope you enjoy this special issue and leave some comments. We’d love to hear from you!

Lissa Sloan

A Fairy Tale Flash Story

E.J. Hagadorn

A Fairy Tale Flash Story

Artists from the Golden Age of Illustration

A Fairy Tale Flash Story

Marcia Sherman

Kiyomi A. Gaines

Artists from the Golden Age of Illustration

A Fairy Tale Flash Story

A Fairy Tale Flash Story

from the Golden Age of Illustration

This issue was edited by Amanda Bergloff, who also created the accompanying art to the stories and poems.


  1. Loved this special issue-Penny Jo McAllister


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