October 11, 2017

Why Marcia Sherman Gave

Editor’s note: Below is a very kind paragraph about why Marcia Sherman, one of EC’s longest, dearest, and most generous supporters, gave to the site during the Fundrazr Campaign. The campaign is still going and we have not received any contributions in several days. Please give! Here’s the link: https://fundrazr.com/b1FHKe?ref=ab_16gbXb

“EC opened my eyes to the true world of fairy stories and folk tales. It is a much larger world than I ever imagined and, being a magical world, it is accepting of all sorts of writing. Kate and her site gave me the courage to explore styles, and helped guide me to my passion – flash fiction. She is a gifted editor. This genre is timeless and classic, yet adaptable to modern scenarios and language. For almost a decade I have been eager and honored to assist other writers, this fundraiser proved to be a perfect opportunity.”
Marcia A. Sherman, writes flash fiction and poetry, specializing in fairy and folk tales, and mythology. Upon turning 52, Marcia entered one contest a week for a year – which led her to Enchanted Conversation. She has won a few contests and continues to hone her fiction. Writing under the name Emyme, she contributes non-fiction essays to Llewellyn Worldwide, Inc.

Here’s a link to a wonderful poem by Marcia, published on EC in 2012: http://www.fairytalemagazine.com/2012/11/a-queens-discontent-by-marcia-sherman.html?m=1

Meme is from Oliver Twist, 1948. EC is desperate, just like little Oliver. Please, sirs and ladies, may we have some more?

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