October 2, 2017

Some Favorite Fairy Tale Art

Classic fairy tale art is a major reason many visitors come to Enchanted Conversation. Nowadays, EC features the bespoke art of Amanda Bergloff, contributing editor and art director, but we still feature the vintage lovelies as well. And it's no doubt that both the one of a kind art and vintage art are very popular here.

Today I'm featuring some of my most favorite classic fairy tale images. While you are enjoying them, please consider donating money to our campaign at Fundrazr. Here is the link:

A big, big thank you to the givers who have already donated. We still need at least $500, so please give!

Top image by Arthur Rackham. Other images below, in order, by Hilda Hechle, Jennie Harbour, Charles Buchel, NC Wyeth, Eugene Feyen, and Kay Nielsen.

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