October 28, 2017

Snow White Inspiration

Can the story of Snow White be traced back to tales of ancient Sumerian gods, or even farther still, to the very face of the moon?  “Noah's Ark,” “The Golden Fleece,” and “The Gilgamesh Epic,” are just a few of the ancient narratives that have unexpected ties to this tale, not to mention lesser known fairy tales like “Prince Danila Govorila” and “The Glass Coffin,” among others.

Fantasy author Kristina Wojtaszek blogs about the many faces of  “Snow White,” a story rich in symbolism, and the very tale that inspired her first book, OPALOPAL is a retwisting of “Snow White,” the first in a trilogy called Fae of Fire and Stone, where seven shape-shifters set out to protect a future queen and her persecuted race.

With the completion of the series in the forthcoming title BLOODSTONE, many of the lesser-known elements of “Snow White” and her very ancient connections will be recounted.  Stay tuned for a second blog post with even more “Snow White” narratives from Chinese history and other unexpected places.

Editor’s note: Here is the link to the post:

Here’s a link to info on Kristina’s books, which EC highly recommends: https://authorkw.wordpress.com/opal/

Images are from the first two covers of the Fae of Fire and Stone Series.

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