October 9, 2017

Why Lissa Sloan Donated

Editor’s note: In her own words, Lissa Sloan tells you below why she donated to EC. Lissa is one of EC’s finest writers, and we’re thrilled that she donated and was willing to share about why she gave. Please give at https://fundrazr.com/b1FHKe?ref=ab_16gbXb.
And to those folks who already gave: Thank you! And the vintage starry beauty above is twinkling with thanks, too!

I gave to Enchanted Conversation because it is near and dear to my heart!  The EC community is a haven for fairy tale lovers that I am glad to belong to.  Its magical content is ad-free and free to view, which not all publications are.  It is also a terrific place for writers, providing not only opportunity, but tips and insight as well.  EC was the first publication to buy my work, and as a writer I have come to look on Kate as my own personal fairy godmother.  With the addition of Amanda's original images and her work on Fairy Tale Roundup, EC just keeps getting better.  It is truly a labor of love, and I am proud to support it! 

Bio: Lissa Sloan's poems and short stories are published in Enchanted ConversationNiteblade Magazine, Krampusnacht: Twelve Nights of Krampus, and Frozen Fairy Tales.  “Death in Winter,” Lissa's contribution to Frozen Fairy Tales, has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  Visit her online at her website,lissasloan.com, or on twitter: @LissaSloan.

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