Godfather Death Issue - Table of Contents

October calls to us here at Enchanted Conversation, and we are pleased to present the Godfather Death Issue this month. Here are seven stories and poems that use the classic Brothers Grimm tale as a starting off point to explore themes that fit the mood leading up to All Hallow’s Eve at the end of the month. 

This is an issue where not all godmothers are fairies, and it is best to remember that Death always keeps a promise. If Death can measure a life span, can the depth of a father's love be measured, too? Would you strike up a conversation if you accidentally ran into Death on a city street? Is reality different when seen from four distinct viewpoints?...and would a pure heart ever trick Death? 

Join us where autumn's twilight lingers endlessly before winter's chill sets in. Cozy up around our virtual bonfire and read on because, after all, during the month of October, we are all Autumn People for a brief time...Enjoy!

Lissa Sloan

Evan Purcell

R.A. Goli

Sarah Allison

Gabriel Ertsgaard

Kiyomi Appleton Gaines

Rebecca Buchanan

This issue was edited by Amanda Bergloff, who also created the accompanying art to the stories and poems.


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