October 31, 2017

EC’s Fundraising Hall of Fame—Thank You!

It’s impossible to overstate how grateful Amanda and I are for the generosity of the contributors during the Fundrazr Campaign. Thanks to it, EC will be able to continue in 2018.

To celebrate the generosity of our givers, below is a list of donors. Those not on the list asked to remain anonymous. If you did give anonymously, and would like to see your name on this list, let us know by emailing me at Enchantedconversation@gmail.com.

Here are the names of givers:

Charity Tahmaseb
Lissa Sloan
Cecelia Myers
Amy Petrilla 
Nancy Clark
Marcia A Sherman 
Nancy Binzen
Ursula Barshi
E.J. Hagadorn
Jude Tulli
Teresa Robeson
Christina Johnson
Victoria Stefani
Kevin Hopson
Brita Long
Caroline Yu
Nancy B Clark
Tahlia Kirk
Kari Zander
Rhonda Eikamp
David Perlmutter
Mary Mohr
Kiyomi Appleton Gaines
Julie Caroff
Sarah McElfresh
Stephanie Goloway
Deby Fredericks

I am truly amazed at the number of people who’ve never been published in EC who gave. They gave out of true support and belief in the site! It’s humbling to know this!

If I’ve missed your name PLEASE tell me!

The campaign will be quietly going on for the next few days, so please give if you’d like, and see your name on the list!

And Happy Halloween!!! 🎃!

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