October 1, 2017

EC Has No Ads

Don't you hate it when you're scrolling throw site on your phone and you can barely read it because it's jumpy and slow because of all those ads? 

You don't see that on Enchanted Conversation. You may see a newsletter signup box, but that's all. Amanda and I keep things as unfussy as possible so the visitor experience is a smooth one. But because there are no ads, except for the occasional sponsored post, EC makes no money from advertising.

But, as I keep on saying, if we don't hit our goal of $1500 for the Fundrazr campaign, we can't continue publishing as we have.

Image by Nadezhda Illarionova.

Please donate today! Here's the link:

1 comment

  1. Not only no ads, but no charge for content either...not all publications are like that!!!