An original ghostly tale for Halloween - The Land by the Sea

Something had followed him to the land by the sea, and a song called to his soul...
We would like to wish everyone a happy Halloween with this flash fiction ghost story, written by contributing editor, Amanda Bergloff, exclusively for EC and Halloween.
And now, EC presents:

Shall I tell you the story before the fire goes out, my sister?

Yes, yes...please do.

Then I will begin.
The land by the sea was wild and forlorn,
and there was once a forgotten man who made it his home.

Did he bring anything with him to that land by the sea?

Yes, my sister. He brought the two things he still held precious in the world
to the land by the sea,
and he forgot for a time,
that his heart had been lost.

But he could not forget completely, could he?

No, my sister, for something had followed him
and was there in the darkness of night in that land by the sea,
singing a song that called to his soul.

A song of sadness and regret?

Yes, my sister, a song that drove him mad
for he was the only one who heard it,
and every night, he tried in vain to find the one who sang
by searching the rocks and shore in that land by the sea.

Until one night he finally saw her?

Yes, my sister. He found her in the moonlight by the water's edge...
A blue lady whose hair was unbound and moved ceaselessly in the wind.
The forgotten man saw her and was drawn to her beyond reason.

And she called to him to remember?

Yes, my sister. She held out her hand,
and he finally remembered fully the loss
that caused him to live by the sea in a land that was wild and forlorn.

And he remembered the one who would not let him go,
even after death?

Yes, my sister.
He remembered and followed the blue lady
until they both moved ceaselessly on the waves...
until both their souls were lost.
And that was his end.

Now the tale is done, my sister,
and it is time for sleep.
Let us pull the blankets close so we can remain warm.

Will you hold my hand until the fire goes out?

I will hold your hand until it is cold.

And we will forgive the forgotten man for leaving us?

Yes, we will.

But we will not forgive the one who drove him to do so.

No, we will never forgive our mother.

Then goodnight, dear sister.


Amanda Bergloff writes modern fairy tales, folktales, and speculative fiction. Her work has appeared in various anthologies, including Frozen Fairy Tales, After the Happily Ever After, and Uncommon Pet Tales.
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  1. I loved the subtlety in this ghost story, with clues that pay off at the end, providing chills from more than just the cold beach and ghostly imagery. Enjoyed realizing “the two things he still held precious in the world” is being told from one sister to the second, and the identity of the haunting spirit. This is a beautifully tragic tale with layers of wonderful texture to it, Amanda.

  2. Amanda has so many talents. It’s great that her contributions to EC are going to increase.

    1. I’ve been a loyal reader of EC for quite some time now, and with Amanda added to the mix, this zine has now become even better. Wonderful to hear she will be contributing even more in future issues.

  3. Haunting and creepy! Perfect for Halloween!


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