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An original ghostly tale for Halloween - The Land by the Sea

Something had followed him to the land by the sea, and a song called to his soul... We would like to wish everyone a happy Halloween with this flash fiction ghost story, written by contributing editor, Amanda Bergloff, exclusively for EC and Halloween. And now, EC presents:
Shall I tell you the story before the fire goes out, my sister?
Yes, yes...please do.

Then I will begin. The land by the sea was wild and forlorn, and there was once a forgotten man who made it his home.

Did he bring anything with him to that land by the sea?

Yes, my sister. He brought the two things he still held precious in the world
to the land by the sea,
and he forgot for a time,
that his heart had been lost.

But he could not forget completely, could he?

No, my sister, for something had followed him
and was there in the darkness of night in that land by the sea,
singing a song that called to his soul.

A song of sadness and regret?

Yes, my sister, a song that drove him mad
for he was the only one who heard it,
and every night,…

Throwback Thursday Tale - The Queen's Discontent

Some characters have more to do with stories than anyone realizes... This week's THROWBACK THURSDAY TALE "The Queen's Discontent"
from the EC story vaults by author Marcia Sherman. And now EC presents:
I will let you in on a secret. Of course none of us have actually died. That is all just written for dramatic effect. It seems so much more - Interesting, Heartwarming, Difficult, To have a father raise a daughter. Alone.
But we are all here. All the mothers. In the background, Or on another estate. Or in another, smaller, castle. We all keep in touch. And we meet at least once a year. Queen and commoner alike.
Even that doe, The one everybody thinks was shot. And that clownfish. In a bowl of course. Those of us who live close enough, Visit with one another quite often. And we have more to do with the stories than anyone realizes.
Take for example that silly girl and Rumplestiltskin. I can say that silly girl. Because she married my son. Do you really think, for one minute, She was able to get out of t…

Godfather Death Issue - Table of Contents

October calls to us here at Enchanted Conversation, and we are pleased to present the Godfather Death Issue this month. Here are seven stories and poems that use the classic Brothers Grimm tale as a starting off point to explore themes that fit the mood leading up to All Hallow’s Eve at the end of the month.
This is an issue where not all godmothers are fairies, and it is best to remember that Death always keeps a promise. If Death can measure a life span, can the depth of a father's love be measured, too? Would you strike up a conversation if you accidentally ran into Death on a city street? Is reality different when seen from four distinct viewpoints?...and would a pure heart ever trick Death? 
Join us where autumn's twilight lingers endlessly before winter's chill sets in. Cozy up around our virtual bonfire and read on because, after all, during the month of October, we are all Autumn People for a brief time...Enjoy!


The Goddaughter and Death by Lissa Sloan

Not all godmothers are fairies, and it is best to remember that Death always keeps her promises...
Once there was a motherless girl. She had a powerful godmother who helped her get to the palace to win the heart of a handsome prince. But it was not the godmother you think. It was not the girl you think. And her tale does not end with a happily ever after. It ends like all tales, though, as you will see.  

But we must begin at the beginning, not the end, and so we must go back. Back to the birth of the motherless girl. When Death came for the girl’s mother, the dying woman seized Death’s robes in her weakening hands. She knew her baby daughter would face hardships without her. Her husband would not want to be alone; he would marry again. And who would look after her daughter then? Who would put the child first? With her last breath, the mother begged Death to stand godmother to her baby girl. To watch over her and guide her. Death was used to begging, but no one had begged this favor bef…

Hello, Death. It's a Pleasure. by Evan Purcell

Would you strike up a conversation if you accidentally ran into Death on a city street? 
One day, though I can’t quite remember when, I met Death. I accidentally bumped into him on my way to Timmy McManus’s house in Cleveland. Or was it Pittsburgh? Timmy was a nice kid, though he had an unfortunate overbite.

The contact was sudden and quite jarring. I remember face-planting against his billowing cloak. He was quite cold, because of the whole skinless thing, and his bony fingers dug into my flesh as he pushed me away. I felt a tingle.

He was very cordial about it, Death was, and I said that I admired his work. Not seriously, of course. I just thought it was the polite thing to say. As you might expect, looking into the sockets of a six-foot, hooded person can become intimidating, and not much else would come out of my mouth except the occasional conversation-filling gurgle. Death told me that he was very proud of what he does. Not many other people could say they kill someone every 3.2 se…

A Flicker of Time, by R.A. Goli

The height of Death's candles are equal to a life span, but even Death can't measure the depth of a father's love...
Merrick Chandler worked tirelessly, rendering down beef fat to make the tallow. He had a busy day ahead due to an unusual number of women about to give birth. He’d already been cooking it for a few hours and his workshop stunk. Fortunately, the quality of fat was good and he knew how to cook it so it wouldn’t smell once the tapers were lit, which was a good thing considering how many candles there were.

While he waited for it to cool, he shifted to his large oak desk and consulted the list. Death had written the names and candle sizes for each baby to be born that day, so Merrick began preparing the wicks by cutting them to size and securing them in the mold.

Once the tallow had cooled a little, Merrick poured it into each section of the mold according to the length of the wick. He remembered when he’d first started candle making, he’d used the technique of dip…