September 28, 2017

What Donations Will Help Us Do

Yes, I'm pushing the Fundrazr fund drive. Again. This will not be the last time. But we will have our issue out in October, I promise.

If we make our $1500 goal, not only will payment for stories and poems go from $30 to $40 and $10 to $15 for each, respectively, but more works will be chosen per issue. Right now about 7 to 9 submissions are used per issue. If we make $1500, that number will rise to 10 to 12. 

If we get to $2000, a rather loft goal, we'll have a special contest with cash prizes for chosen works. 
Whether we make the goals or not, the money raised will go to paying authors and poets. 

Please help! Here's the link:

And to read about rewards for giving, here's the link:

Wild Swans illustration by unknown artist.

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